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Big Show Net Worth – WWE Superstar Big Show Salary And Career Details

Big Show Net Worth | Big Show Salary | Big Show Career
Big Show - courtesy WWE

Big Show Net Worth – WWE Superstar Big Show Salary And Career Details ∼ Big Show is a veteran performer in the world of sports entertainment. He is here for more than last two decades competing all around the world. At a time when all of his contemporaries have gone on to take retirement, he is the only one who is still hanging in there. If that’s not surprising then it’s a must to mention that he is in the best shape of his life at present. A successful surgery happened to him in 2017 after which he went through a rigorous rehab process. This took out several pounds from his body making him slimmer than earlier days.

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The sports entertainment industry witnessed many wonderful moments featuring The Giant, over the years. The fact that this career is running for almost 25 years itself is a reason to take Big Show net worth to a splendid position. He has a unique is the capability of transforming from one character to another one. Perhaps no other superstar has switched from babyface to heel and vice-versa during their career. It has been a regular thing for him unlike most of the superstars who have excelled in either one of the roles in the company. But he is a loyal soldier to Vince McMahon since the very beginning of his career to date.

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So McMahon forced him to do almost everything during his career span including a jobber’s role for a significant amount of time. WWE, in turn, continued to stock more money for Big Show salary which has increased from time to time. With that being said, The Giant has entertained us throughout his career to solidify his spot as a future Hall of Famer. It’s only a matter of time that the company calls him down to take his rightful place in the prestigious club.

Big Show net worth goes up to $20 million as per the reports of It’s his hard work and dedication that took him into a comfortable position that he is in. Only a few legends from his contemporaries possess more dollar than him. One of them is Stone Cold Steve Austin. This is the man who actually felt his wrath on the night where The Greatest Giant of all time made his debut.

Well, that giant from the 90s is still very much present around the active roster of the WWE. He is still under the red brand of the WWE i.e. a superstar from WWE Monday Night Raw. We have not seen him in competition since 2017 fall. But Big show salary amount is still very much high in comparison to other roster members. Reports say that he draws $1.2 million per annum as the base salary despite being a part-time member.

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In fact, the figure was quite high and lucrative from the other regular superstars like Dean Ambrose. He has been the workhorse of the company and still stuck with an annual salary of $850000-900000 for the last few years. Recently, his basic pay crossed the mark of $1million. This is a clear indication that how much WWE values a veteran superstar.

They can use him in numerous other roles other than just being a wrestler. Appearing in charity events and representing WWE in numerous media and mainstream shows is one of his important tasks. So WWE needs Big Show during this phase of his career when he transitioned to a part-timer. He could fully focus on these activities on behalf of the company from now on.

Reports were out at one point that Big Show net worth might drop owing to his contract expiry in 2018. It ended just prior to Wrestlemania 34 i.e. in the month of February. But the two parties worked on it and got it extended for the time being. The automatic renewal of the deal suggests that it might have extended for three years. It means that Big Show salary will continue to be the same for the next few years.

WCW was the original show which introduced The Giant to us. But the company under Eric Bischoff failed to come up with a handsome package for Big Show salary. He was one of the major attractions of the Monday Night Wars. But Big Show net worth still did not increase as much as it should have. So he decided to jump ship capturing an attractive deal from WWE. Vince McMahon was hell-bent to destroy the rival brand known as WCW. So he stole him from WCW banner.

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But the delay in signing the deal still affected Big Show net worth to a certain extent. His contemporaries like Stone Cold Steve Austin has a net worth of $45 million. But he is yet to go a long way in reaching such a figure. But the interesting fact is that WWE used to pay Big Show way more after he signed the contract with the WWE. Stone Cold even received less amount in his comparison which is 5 to 12 US million dollars in estimation.

But Stone Cold still managed to reach a whopping figure owing to his merchandise sales and royalty generated revenues. His t-shirts and other merch always scored a huge amount. So Big Show net worth stayed behind him all the time. Later the tag of being the WWE franchise player also helped him to earn huge amounts, consistently.

Big Show net worth consists of a huge tour bus provided by the WWE. Most of the superstars in the current roster members of the company travel together in between shows. Only the franchise players like Roman Reigns or John Cena get the special facility of having a tour bus of his own. WWE treats The Giant as a special talent under their banner. So they arranged this private tour bus for him alongside $1.2 million of Big Show salary.

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The World’s Largest Athlete has complained a lot to Vince McMahon sounding his incapability of touring with the other superstars. It was quite a genuine problem for him to make room for himself with others with such a heavy body. As we all know he is 7feet 2 inch tall weighing more than 383 pounds i.e 174 kgs. A common man does not possess this much statistics in his body. So the company has to sanction a special tour bus for him. We have even seen this valuable Big Show net worth on storyline during a feud against Alberto Del Rio.

We often hear the fans chanting ‘Please Retire’ towards Big Show while making appearances. But being a true veteran he cares the least about all of these. His career ran smoothly for the last few years despite these chants. With his body being in a great shape, we can not wipe out the opportunity of seeing him in competition for the next couple of years, at least. WWE would continue to arrange a handsome amount in favor of Big Show salary in that case.

There are only two current names in the active roster members who are active participants like Big Show. The Undertaker and Kane are those twos. The latter one had a lot of history with The Giant during his career. They have been bitter opponents to each other during their career. Also, they have formed a tag team while taking a stand against The Nexus in 2010. Ultimately the new bunch of talents had the last laugh by snatching their tag team championships.

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Big Show net worth had a significant impact courtesy of the movie and TV show roles played by the Giant. It was in 2010 when he featured in the first movie named Knuckleheads. Later he played big roles in Jingle All the Way, MacGruber and Adam Sandler’s movie The Waterboy. These earned fat paychecks to increase Big Show salary.

Outside stints from wrestling continued for him as he appeared in numerous games too. The Weakest Link and Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader are amongst those. Meanwhile, his name has been constant for the WWE 2K series video games from the beginning. This earned him big royalty paychecks as additional parts of Big Show salary.

Also, Big Show net worth continuously witnessed boost being a mainstream name. He appeared on popular TV shows like Saturday Night Live, Mad TV, The Late Night Show With Jimmy Fallon, and Conan representing WWE shows and focus on his career. Additionally, some more shows featured in prime roles. Those are shows such as Psych, Royal Pains, Star Trek: Enterprise and Burn Notice.

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Speaking of shows take us to WWE programming for sure. Most if his earning used to come for being a prime superstar in the roster. He won 23 championships in his entire career which includes being a Triple Crown Champion in the company. Later, WWE declared him as the 12th Grand Slam Champion of the company which means winning each of the golds, present. This is one of the rarest accolades possessed by a WWE Superstar.

He is a certified 7-time world champion which helped to build Big Show net worth to a good position. This includes 2 WCW World Heavyweight Championships, 1 ECW World Heavyweight Championship, 2 World Heavyweight Championships and the traditional 2 WWF/E Championships. No one in the history of the wrestling business has won these four titles apart from him.

Apart from the world title reigns, Big Show has also won 11 world tag team championships. He held the WWF/World, WWE and WCW World Tag Team Championships multiple times with various tag team partners. Mid-card titles like Intercontinental, United States and Hardcore Championship wins made him the 24th Triple Crown winner in the company.

Plus, also won WCW’s World War 3 in 1996 i.e. a 60-man battle royal and the 30-man André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 31. Many PPV shows’ main events belonged to him starting from 1995 including 2000 edition of WWE’s premier annual event, WrestleMania. Being a Wrestlemania main-eventer guarantees to increase a superstar’s status. Big Show salary had the positive effect of it, too.

Currently, he will continue to work for the WWE in a special role if not as a wrestler. One of them is currently ongoing for Connor’s Cure campaign which fights against pediatric cancers. Being an active employee of the WWE can certainly increase Big Show net worth from $20 million. But we do hope that The Giant gets a proper send-off before bidding a final adieu to the WWE Universe from the squared circle.

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