Full details of WWE CEO & Chairman Vince McMahon house

Full Details of WWE CEO & Chairman Vince McMahon’s House

Vince McMahon House
Vince McMahon House

Words will fall short when the topic is Vince McMahon. Say what you want to say about this man, but facts prove, he’s a genius.

There are a lot of professional wrestling fans that blast him over WWE Raw becoming stale. They compare the programming from other promotions to that of WWE all the time.

They have got to know, if Vince McMahon were not there, they would never come to existence.

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Full Details of WWE CEO & Chairman Vince McMahon’s House

The concept that Vince McMahon brought into the pro-wrestling circuit is incomparable. It did not only changed the course of the sports but overall entertainment. A huge alteration happened in the global entertainment market. WWE programming existed only around the United States around the 90s. But gradually, it took over the entire world.

Vince McMahon House
Vince McMahon courtesy Google

You should know that WWE Monday Night Raw and Tuesday Night Smackdown Live are first and second longest-running weekly episodic TV shows. It has always stayed the same way from the beginning. Going with the catchphrase of ‘now, then, forever,’ nobody is even close enough to give these shows a competition.

With that being said, the chairman of the board has become a billionaire with the expansion of his business. Vince McMahon house and the property is something that the fans can hardly imagine. This man had made this a reality over the years. His net worth has reached an extent that is worth being envious of.

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In this article, we would like to take a look at the philanthropist that created a kingdom. He provides livelihood to around 15-20000 employees working under WWE banner. We would also take a look at the king-size mansion, i.e., Vince McMahon house. He resides in it, located in the city of Greenwich, Connecticut.

Vince McMahon Sr. was the owner of a wrestling promotion known as World Wrestling Federation (WWF). It was in 1972 when his son bought the company and took its control. The competition was less around pro-wrestling, back then. Only behemoth names like Bruno Sammartino used to reign supreme around the circuit.

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Vince Mcmohan house

He wanted to make something entertaining around these sports. So his genius mind came up with an idea to include scripted format into it. It gave birth to the iconic show named Monday Night Raw. It, in turn, witnessed the creation of Wrestlemania, Summerslam, Royal Rumble and Survivor Series. Over the years, these programs have been constant names on WWE programming to make it attractive than ever.

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WWE inserted Vince McMahon into the programming, as the character known as Mr. McMahon. He was no less than of an attraction in the programming than Stone Cold, Undertaker or The Rock. WCW grew bigger during the 90s becoming a huge threat to his company. So he overtook it which became the biggest company handover in pro-wrestling history.

Monday Night War began at that point that was the Golden Era of wrestling. The arrival of Stone Cold and The Rock to the WWE marked the beginning of the Attitude Era. These two took WWE miles ahead than other promotions pushing Vince McMahon one step closer to become a billionaire. The giant villa of Vince McMahon house came to daylight shortly after this period. It signifies the behemoth persona that he is around the industry.

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It’s no surprise that a billionaire like him has the finest things to live his life. We do know about the limousines that reach him to his show on a regular basis. He also possesses a private jet, a yacht to travel along with the country all the way. But Vince McMahon house is the most costly thing that he always had.

There’s a special name for Vince McMahon house situated in Connecticut. The Boss likes to call it the Conyers Farm. It locates along the Hurlingham Drive in Greenwich.

Vince McMahon
Image Courtesy: WWE

A beautiful fountain will welcome you at the entrance of Vince McMahon house. A straight road like old English palaces will lead you into the car garage adjacent to the front yard. While going forward, you could spot the greenery that this showpiece contains.

Trees encircled Vince McMahon house all over around. It is soothing to the eyes as well as the giver of fresh air for everyone at home. Now, walking through the entrance lawn, long tress will be present by the two sides of it. Two large gates open at the entrance of the mansion. Velvet-like glass covers the outside area of the long road.

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Vince McMahon house has two huge gardens in its backyard. It opens straight through it. It also has a swimming pool in the area where the family relaxes. The three-storeyed mansion has nine bathrooms in it. A separate guest room is there alongside a mandatory gym through which the CEO can make anyone run for their money. He was a hell of a fit athlete even at this age.

However, estimating the cost of the entire Vince McMahon house is hard. Reports suggest McMahon bought the mansion for $25 million. As per the valuation in 2006, its price reached around $40 million. Yes, only a name like Mr. McMahon can reside in a house worth this much. Also, it’s just a half an hour drive from Stephanie McMahon and Triple H’s residence in the same city.

McMahon’s came up with proper plans to keep the two mansions within a close range. It allows Linda and Vince McMahon to spend time with granddaughters most of the times. Triple H & Stephanie’s house is located in Weston, Connecticut. The design of their house is quite similar to that of the Vince McMahon house.

Vince McMahon’s family loves to travel in luxury cars. It’s needless to mention they possess many such spectacular vehicles. A $200,000 Bentley Continental GT 2010 model might the standout among all of them. It beautified the outside area of Vince McMahon house. A $100000 amount stereo sound-system is available inside it.

We have seen cars playing a pivotal role in WWE programming over the years. Several names destroyed these vehicles relentlessly on Monday Night Raw. Stone Cold filled up his $50,000 Corvette with cement in 1998. D-Generation X ruined his limo in 2006 alongside an entire luxurious bus. In 2007, we saw a death angle of Vince McMahon where his limo blew up once he entered it.

There was a rumour around 2016 which stated that Vince McMahon sold more than two million shares of WWE. It costs around $40 million owing to “estate planning purposes for the benefit of Mr. McMahon and certain members of Mr. McMahon’s family.” There’s no solid proof whether it happened or not.

Vince McMahon House
courtesy WWE

There’s another Vince McMahon house present in Florida. It is quite a long distance from Connecticut which is why it is a vacation house for them. Linda and Vince McMahon bought this in 2001 in a relatively low price of $2 million. Later, it became a beauty, as the family wanted this to become a penthouse. The Boss occupied the two top floors of this Boca Raton residence.

There are more to list when it comes to Vince McMahon house. Reports suggest he also possesses a piece of real estate at the Trump Parc in Stamford. It is a duplex penthouse costing around $4.1 million. He bought it in 2010 from where the WWE Headquarters in Titan Tour is just a couple of minutes away.

This Vince McMahon house has three decorated bedrooms and bathrooms and a private terrace. It also includes a heated pool, full gym, private screening room and a rooftop observation deck.

Speaking of these exclusive Vince McMahon house brings us to how these properties played a big role in WWE programming. Invasions in WWE Superstars’ houses always have been an exciting thing for the fans. Triple H invaded Randy Orton’s house in 2009, whereas, Stone Cold Steve Austin ran into Brian Pillman’s house. The Ministry of Darkness themed, The Undertaker went straight into Vince McMahon house in 1999.

WWE also used to host shows with ‘In Your House’ attached to it. It might be a way to make a connection with the mansions that Vince McMahon has. Plus, we also call the live events conducted by WWE as House Shows. But, The Boss does not like this particular name and get rid of this term from official announcements of WWE.

Vince McMahon Net Worth | Vince McMahon Salary and Properties
Courtesy Twitter

Apart from these Vince McMahon houses those we have mentioned in this article, there are more to the list. He has two Stamford condos, a house, and a condo in Greenwich city. Apart from the Boca Raton vacation house, the owner of WWE also has a house in Las Vegas and a property in Pennsylvania. There might be more to the list which the reports could trace out, to date.

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WWE is growing day by day in the international market. Vince McMahon and his successors have already ensured the brand becomes mainstream in the upcoming days.

It will lead to more ventures for the company in the near future. XFL is coming in 2020 as the biggest challenge for NFL in the USA. Vince McMahon might add more such mentioned properties by his name during that span.

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