In pictures: John Cena and Nikki Bella’s happy moments in honor of her birthday

Arindam Paul / 21 November 2015

Last season Total Divas we doubted if the Power couple of WWE would call it a quit when John Cena decided to never get married and have children. But in the next season we have seen that they have come over the issue and happy in both personal and professional lives.

John went on to bring back some prestige to the US title holding the title for around 6 months whereas Nikki Bella became the longest reigning Divas champion of all time.

With both of them taking their time off right now, there are rumors about their recent engagements. Surely WWE fans would love to watch them engaged hoping for another high-profile WWE wedding ceremony. Though Nikki has said that her time-off is due to heel one neck injury John has not said a word about his absence.

There are also rumors that they will be featured in an on-screen storyline upon their return. Nikki also wished to share screen space with his love of her life at least for once which may turn out to be true and technically this will help to pull up RAW ratings.

With all these discussions going around, one thing is clear from the Total Divas show, the pair is deeply in love with each other.

People say that a picture can say thousands of words and so let’s take a look at these adorable pictures given with the article which proves the same. These are the cutest moments that they decide to share via Twitter and Instagram.

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