Looks like Bray Wyatt is finally getting over the lumps. Many thought that this man is capable of doing far better than what he was doing these far in his career. And he’s been given the chance of doing more these days.

He and his Wyatt family members had attacked the Undertaker and Kane in recent weeks and carried both of them away with them. A vicious rampage was seen both the times and fans were in shock by the actions. This was the least thing that anyone has expected and now it seems that Bray is prepped for something big.

It means that the guy can rise to the main event level and able work with the best stars in the company, who make stars just by showing up at an event. Like what is going to happen at Survivor Series when he faces the Undertaker. Being the main event star is the topmost prize in the industry which every guy dreams of from day one. It means fame, notoriety and money.

The situation is very tough for WWE right now. WWE champion Seth Rollins got injured just. And stars like John Cena and Brock Lesnar is off air whereas Orton, Rusev, Bryan are out of action due to injury. So Bray was put to the right point at the right time and it’s time to utilize him fully as WWE is in the lack of some legitimate stars.

Wyatt is the man who can put The Brothers of Destruction into the shelf. He believes in his wicked mottos and walks in darkness. The twisted man can even die for his causes. This is the man the fans deserve and the fans are getting it. After all a second one in the darkness is required after the Undertaker and who better than the Wyatt. And much better is his rise on the shoulder of the Undertaker and Kane in the upcoming Survivor Series pay-per-view.


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