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Injury list has WWE's constant headache for sure

Injury list at WWE seems no holds barred as of now. The latest edition of the list is not one but two of the Divas on the roster which includes WWE Divas Champion Charlotte. The other one is Emma from NXT. Both of them got injured while they were performing at WWE live events in different cities. Emma was performing at an NXT live event in Cleveland while Charlotte was at a WWE live event in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Charlotte was in the middle of her match with Becky Lynch when her nose met with a furious knee from the Irish girl and immediately started bleeding. The match was stopped right there and the current Divas champion was taken backstage by a referee. According to the reports, and those who were present at ringside, it appeared Charlotte had a broken nose and there was a large amount of blood left to clean up.

(sources courtesy wrestlingINC.com)

As of now we are scheduled for a triple threat match at Wrestlemania as Charlotte will defend her title against Becky and Sasha Banks. It was confirmed on Smackdown earlier this week. That will remain intact if Charlotte’s injury does not turn out to be a major one.

On the other hand, Emma was competing in a match at the NXT live event with the Japanese Asuka. Emma is believed to have been legitimately knocked out during a match with Asuka. According to tweets and video from those in attendance, she appeared to be knocked out by one of Asuka’s kicks, prompting the referee to stop the match. (news courtesy Diva-dirt.com)

The injured list does not end here, as Sheamus is last one to be mentioned. Sheamus was in a match up with the US champion Kalisto and met with a moon-assault from him and got busted open right there. He has suffered a minor concussion few days ago and out of action for two weeks. Hopefully, this was one will not be a serious one.

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