It is a rare occasion when WWE cancelled a Live Event disregarding its huge ticket sale and ignoring their fanbase. Exclusively covered by WrestlingINC and, the news came as a breaking one.

As per the reports from WALB TV, Albany, Georgia, the WWE house show a week from Friday (January 29th) in Albany has been cancelled. Building officials at the Albany Civic Center told WALB that WWE cancelled the show to give the talent a day off (presumably because they’ll be coming off one of the biggest pay-per-view events of the year) and that there were no issues with ticket sales. While the Civic Center is working with WWE to reschedule, there’s no date set yet and ticket holders are being refunded at the point of purchase. This would have been WWE’s first live event in Albany since 2012.


Civic Center director Joel Holmes told WALB that they have other family-oriented sporting/sports entertainment events coming up for those who are disappointed with the cancellation. “[Arena football will] start in March. We also have Harlem Globetrotters coming in February so another family event. Here in the next couple months, we’ve got several events coming up that we feel will be good activities for the family.” The Albany fans are in despair after hearing the shocking cancellation of the show which is highly unlikely.

Talking about the live event, WWE has released the final pay per view’s promo before Wrestlemania featuring Eva Marie. The “All red everything” Diva is set for her return in the main roster and in the promo, in keeping with the Pay-Per-View’s racing theme, shows Eva brandishing checkered flags and signaling the start of the race to WrestleMania.

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