Breaking: WWE Superstar Stardust gets hospitalized after RAW

Arindam Paul / 10 December 2015

Yet another injury broke out in WWE post this Monday Night after RAW went off the air. According to the reports that came after RAW suggests, that the bizarre superstar has taken to a nearby hospital to get examined by the doctors following his match with Jack Swagger on the live show.

Stardust aka Cody Rhodes was taken to the medical facilities available in the nearby Roper Hospital in North Charleston, South Carolina to check up if he is sustaining any injuries or fractures after his bout with Swagger. Rhodes has twitted on his personal twitter handle to give an update on his condition and thanked the hospital personnel in charge.

The match we saw on Raw was quite physical where he got his leg locked in the vicious patriot lock by Swagger, thereby getting submitted in the match. After that, he was again attacked by Del Rio with a chair shot which did the maximum effect for sure.

Thankfully he did not suffer any major injuries and is not suffering from any concussions as of now as he came out of the hospital in a positive nature. Though it’s not quite sure from where the possible injuries did came all of a sudden.

Stardust took his time to post in his private Twitter handle named Hyrule Husky by saying that “Thanks to all the folks at Roper hospital for being so accommodating and efficient,” and also added that he has not sustained any fractures.

Stardust i.e. Cody is married to WWE ring announcer Eden Stills and she felt irritated after being asked about his injury a number of times. Her absence in the ‘Tribute to the troops’ event, is supposed due to the injury, as her twitter account shows.

In her latest tweet, it is quite clear that Cody is back in regular life as he goes on shopping with her lady.

WWE should be out of panic after realizing that they will not have to deal with another injury in the current roster.


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