The Wrestlemania season has just passed by but the excitement does not seem to end as WWE has in store the exciting annual UK tour of WWE in the coming weeks. Every year, WWE arranges live events including Raw and Smackdown at various places of United Kingdom to serve the best for the huge fanbase present in Europe and this year too follows no exception.

The most anticipated post-Wrestlemania tour will kick-off this year from 18th April’s Monday Night Raw and it will be held around UK and Europe. It was reported earlier this year that The Undertaker was scheduled to appear at least twice in the UK. The Phenom was previously scheduled to team up with Big Show to take on the Wyatt family’s Luke Harper and Eric Rowan at the NewCastle arena in a live event.

But, Luke Harper’s knee injury made some changes in the schedule. Taker will now team up with his in-ring brother Kane to take on the team of Braun Strowman and Eric Rowan. The Undertaker is also scheduled to appear on the April 19th episode of SmackDown, but his opponent hasn’t been announced yet.

But, the retire rumors came into play after WWE has nixed his appearance schedule in Brussels, Paris and Malaga on April 21st, 22nd, and 23rd respectively. (sources No explanation from WWE is yet to be revealed but the Undertaker was heard telling people present at backstage that his match with Shane was his last. He was even present backstage at last Monday Night on Raw but did not appear as nothing was planned for him. Hopefully, we will get to know in the coming week.

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