Ex-WWE Host Cathy Kelley Raises Heat In Lingerie Video Shoot

Ex-WWE Host Cathy Kelley Raises Heat In Lingerie Video Shoot

Cathy Kelley
courtesy Instagram

Cathy Kelley used to be a treat for the WWE Universe on TV for the past few years since leaving the company in early 2020. Almost a year ago, this month the gorgeous name opted to quit the business that may have broken the hearts of many. But she’s continues treating her fans with juicy stuff through her social media. The latest glimpses of her on Instagram are bound to raise the temperature by all means.

As shared by Cathy Kelley on Instagram, she is within a paid partnership with a photographer based in LA. A couple of videos were released on the internet that showed her wearing lingerie and strolling around, on the beaches, or in a garden. While her upper portion was covered, the tiny wear was also visible.

It seems, Kelley wanted to keep the shoot as classy as possible but still, it grabbed some eyeballs and the shots were furthermore shared on Twitter.

You can see the videos shared, given in this article as we would now give a reminder of her WWE departure. On February 14, 2020, Cathy Kelley took to Instagram and announced that WWE NXT “Takeover: Portland” was her last day with the company. She thanked Triple H and Stephanie McMahon for the opportunity she received on TV through NXT. She was hired in 2016 after working for Afterbuzz TV.

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Ex-WWE Host Cathy Kelley Raises Heat In Lingerie Video Shoot 1

Cathy Kelley left WWE, last year

There’s no word yet on what she has planned for the future, but to date, the journalist is yet to join any company. Cathy said in an appearance on “Better Together” podcast with WWE celebrity friend Maria Menounos that she’s done a lot of reflecting since she’s been gone from WWE, and she’s thought about how she’s had so many pivotal moments in her career and life.

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Ex-WWE Host Cathy Kelley Raises Heat In Lingerie Video Shoot 2

Cathy Kelley also talked about the tough WWE schedule, something every current and former WWE talent would agree. Within WWE, she was facing problems on working on other projects which appeared to be a big reason for leaving the job,

“It’s so time-consuming because you are traveling so much. Me being me, I wanted to do everything, so I wanted to work as much as possible, which also meant being away from Los Angeles, which I just moved to, and that would not have allowed me to continue to do the other things, or work on the other things that I wanted to do.”