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Charlotte Flair is the well-known Queen of the WWE ever since her debut in the company, six years ago. She’s done it all in the women’s roster who is well on her way to break her father Ric Flair’s sixteen world title reigns with her own record-breaking titles reigns with women’s championships.

Despite all the criticisms around Charlotte Flair’s booking, WWE won’t stop anytime soon to push her to the moon. But they did crown a Queen back in late October via the Queen’s Crown tournament in Zelina Vega who has her own scepter and crown just like a queen.

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WWE Smackdown: Charlotte Flair Declares Herself The Queen Over Zelina Vega 1

But SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair says she is not interested in fighting WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Queen Zelina Vega for her crown. The original Queen recently spoke with Alistair McGeorge of MetroUK and dismissed the idea of having a program with Vega focused on the crown that Vega wears after winning the inaugural Queen’s Crown Tournament in October.

“I don’t think I need to fight over a crown, sorry. don’t think I need a crown to be called the Queen. I am the Queen. It’s silly to me. [laughs] No offense!”

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Charlotte Flair is interested in a match against Vega

However, the thirteen-time champion didn’t rule out the idea of competing Vega inside the squared circle.

“I mean, maybe facing Zelina, but to have a match focused around Queen versus Queen? Like, I’m the Queen of them all – without a throne,” added Charlotte Flair. “I don’t see that as – she has a long way to go before that becomes her… I don’t know how you say it? I always wear my invisible crown.”

WWE Smackdown: Charlotte Flair Declares Herself The Queen Over Zelina Vega 2

Almost a year ago, Zelina Vega was released from her contractual obligations in WWE. But after a few months, the company officials apologized to her and brought her back on Smackdown. Her return in July 2021 made quite the headlines in the world of professional wrestling. WWE then made her the inaugural Queen’s Crown tournament winner.

Since she’s elevated to be a future top star, a feud against Charlotte Flair would be great especially given both of them are great in promos. But the program can’t happen, as soon as possible since they are on a different roster. Vega is one Raw while Flair is feuding with Toni Storm over the Smackdown Women’s Title.

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