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Chelsea Green was one of those various Superstars who have been released by WWE earlier in the year as part of the COVID-19 budget cuts. The bright talent did have a lot of hopes for herself to shine bright under the banner of the most famous professional wrestling brand in the world. But then she was underutilized and got released in the process.

Many fans believed that Chelsea Green had all the tools to become a top female superstar in the WWE if given the right opportunity. She did have portrayed a lot of characters outside the WWE which could have been brought into Vince McMahon-led company, too. The time is still, there if WWE does give it a thought about bringing her back in an interesting role.

Ex WWE NXT Star Chelsea Green’s Professional Wrestling Status After ROH Final Battle 2021

Chelsea Green Wanted To Return To WWE As Alexa Bliss’ Lilly 1

Alexa Bliss has been carrying on an interesting angle on Monday Night Raw with her doll named Lilly. There are some speculations that someday the live version of that doll will be unveiled on WWE TV. Even veteran Paige has been rumored to play that role.

Chelsea Green still open for a WWE return?

While speaking on the Those Wrestling Girls podcast, Chelsea Green stated that she would be open to a WWE return if she’s offered the role of Alexa Bliss’ Lily.

“Honestly, if they called me and said do you want to be Lilly, I would in a heartbeat. Because that is totally the type of character that I just feel like we need to see, and I want to be that person.”

Previously while speaking to, Chelsea Green already revealed that she wanted to join “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt and Alexa Bliss when she was a part of the WWE. She was trying to figure out how to incorporate herself with that dangerous association as she is very familiar with crazy gimmicks like the ‘Hot Mess’ in Impact Wrestling. Ultimately, her pitch got canceled by the WWE creative team.

Chelsea Green Wanted To Return To WWE As Alexa Bliss’ Lilly 2

It’s very unlikely that WWE would give it a thought to bring back Chelsea Green especially given the fact that she is very much injury-prone. To date, she is yet to recover from that Smackdown debut injury from last year’s November. Green recently made her return to Impact Wrestling at Slammiversary and before that, she also appeared at ROH which was followed by an appearance at NWA Empower main event.

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