As the whole world is celebrating Christmas in this holiday season WWE Divas gives us another reason to be happier as they go into the festive mood and dress as per the season.

Every year publishes Divas exclusive pictures in their Christmas costumes and this year too sees no exception. They have picked out these exclusive pictures of the Divas and given us the possibly best treat.



WWE Divas also gave the US army pleasure by showing up in the Tribute to the Troops show as a part of it. Their red hot attire adds an extra attraction for the soldiers who always work hard for their country throughout the year. This year though we did not get any such matches.

Remember the special Divas matches gifted by Vince McMahon to us on this Christmas seasons? Like that one egg-nog match between Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler or that tag matches among numerous Divas in recent pasts? Indeed, all of that is a special treat to the eyes. Let’s get into the festive mood and take one more look back into the past.



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