Injuries are standing as a roadblock to the WWE Creative but hats off to them as they have been able to run things smoothly. The absence of main event stars like Seth Rollins, John Cena, Randy Orton and Cesaro has pushed them to the limit and that too before the Wrestlemania season. Hopefully, after mammoth injury season, it’s may be time for returning season as the final pay per view before the Dallas show awaits for us this Sunday.

The franchise John Cena who had undergone shoulder surgery at the very beginning of the year has posted this on Twitter. This is not the first time that Cena posted something cryptic. Since his start of rehabilitation, he kept on posting such tweets which only means one thing, his early comeback, considering his superhuman ability to heal the injuries much earlier than expected.


This would the best thing if Cena returns before Wrestlemania because he is supposedly the Undertaker’s send-off opponent at this year’s main event.

Talking of comeback, fans got an exciting news when it was announced on RAW that the masters of the 5-second pose will be back on the Fastlane pay per view. They will be back to host their talk show “Cutting Edge Peepshow” with the New Day as special guests, for the first time after one long year.

Edge and Christian are one of the most charismatic tag teams in the WWE history and mostly known for their brutal ladder matches with the Dudleyz and the Hardy Boys. These matches have shortened their career for sure. It is quite clear that E&C would no longer wrestle now, but the fans would love to see them back in the WWE. They surely will love to bring some more positivity to the New Day.


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