Nobody was sure about the decision that Bryan has made earlier yesterday on Twitter when he shocked the world by declaring his retirement. As a tribute of Bryan opened the show it was pretty evident that each of the crowd was waiting to hear from the leader of the YES movement and the crowd remained heartbreaking after hearing his speech which ended the show as well as a historic career.

The small that he is, many think that the WWE career of Daniel Bryan should never have happened. But it did, and for that, at least, we can all be grateful.

 The crowd serenades Bryan with every chant they can think of. Bryan is speechless. Bryan says it’s time to address the elephant in the room: he didn’t want to cut his beard. Bryan says he wanted to cut his hair, but when he did he looked stupid with a big bushy beard. He donated his hair to Wigs for Kids, an organization that provides hair to cancer patients. (courtesy


Bryan tried his very best to avoid getting emotional. Bryan goes on to list some of the people that he has had the pleasure of meeting over the years. Bryan says he is grateful. Bryan thanks the fans for getting behind him. Bryan thanks the fans that hijacked Raw two years ago because they made the last moment his father got to watch him wrestle special. He thanks wrestling for allowing him to meet the love of his life. Bryan says tomorrow morning he starts a new life, a life where he is not a wrestler. That’s tomorrow, tonight he is going to enjoy this one last time. He asks the crowd for one last YES! Chant. The crowd erupts into one last Yes! Chant. Brie Bella comes out and hugs her husband to close the show.


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