What apparently is huge news and can boost up the ratings of RAW this coming week, can actually be turns out to be into despair for fans. As per sources from DailyWrestlingNews Daniel Bryan is about to show up on Monday Night’s hottest show RAW which will be aired from Bryan’s home state of Seattle, Washington.

Vince McMahon finally wants him to be back on WWE TV and wants him around for the Road to Wrestlemania 32. But the bad news is it will not be for a full time in ring action where the conflict comes between Bryan and WWE.

It sounds like this is for a non-wrestling role, perhaps to generate buzz and help with ratings. But Bryan does not want to be on a role like that which does not involve him into the main event match at the grandest stage of all and fans too wants him back in action.

A word from sources close to Bryan is that he does not want to come back if they’re not going to clear him to wrestle. Some feel that Bryan will hurt his chances of wrestling for WWE again if he refuses a non-wrestling role. This conflict is continuing for quite sometimes now and hopefully both Bryan and WWE would come to fruition over the matter.

Speaking of returns, the Swiss Superman Cesaro has been confirmed for their upcoming tour of Germany. WWE is set to put on four live events next week, and Cesaro, who has been out of action since late November and is scheduled to appear during the live events. Due to the torn left shoulder rotator cuff Cesaro will be out of action for six long months and will be on the tour for promotions and advertisement alongside other stars like Ric Flair, Kevin Owens, The Big Show, Roman Reigns, Intercontinental champion Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, Paige, The New Day and The Usos.


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