The legendary Dudley Boyz are on their verge to split up once again but this time, it is going to happen with the in ring storylines. If backstage rumors are said to be true then one of the greatest tag teams in the history of this company are all set to break up.

In WWE Creative, the ideas are culminating to create one similar character of Bully Ray from his TNA days. The Bully Ray character was a huge hit back in TNA which also saw Bubba capturing the TNA championship twice in the company. Not only that, he made a relationship with Hulk Hogan’s daughter, which made the Hulk star furious and this was the reason of downfall for Bully Ray in the company.


Dudley Boyz had fought with The New Day and the Wyatts since their return which pointed out the fact that their days as the tag champs are over and they had left their best days in past.

WWE is facing injury epidemic nowadays and running out of two top heels which somehow can be filled with a Bully Ray character.

Bubba as Bully ray created an immense heat in TNA and the planning is same this time around as per the Creative because with the New Day having the title around their waist and the Lucha Dragons emerging to the champs the 10th tag title for the Dudleyz seems quite unlikely.

So the WWE Universe is not going to see Dudleyz with the tag champs as of right now if the splitting rumor turns out to be true. In the moment of crisis, WWE needs more of these individual big names for sure but the question will it be fair in part of WWE? Only time can answer this.


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