It was quite a surprise to witness John Cena and Roman Reigns feud kicking off out of nowhere following the Summerslam PPV.

The 16-time world champion shifted to the flagship brand after quite a long time, and it was expected that he might get inserted into a feud with Samoa Joe.

But, instead, he went straight to call out Roman Reigns on that night starting the feud. The inevitable match was booked for the No Mercy PPV, the very next week between the two franchise players. Now, while promoting, WWE commentators were reminding us over and over that this is the match that is Wrestlemania worthy. So, it’s not quite understandable, why a matchup like this got booked for a B-grade PPV without any organic buildup.

Many suggestions were filing, as of WWE is desperate to keep up the ratings well during the ongoing football season. Hence, they decided to book this monstrous feud between two of the franchise players which is a literal clash between two of the generations of the WWE. But, from a bigger perspective, this did not help the company.

The scenario got discussed in a recent edition of the Edge & Cristian podcast where the former Wrestlemania main-eventer opened up about the wrong booking. The Rated R Superstar stated he could not understand the fact why this match took place at No Mercy rather than Wrestlemania.

Plus, the WWE Hall of Famer also mentioned the match between Brock Lesnar and Samoa Joe. It was another match with quite an organic heat. Fans always wanted to see them main eventing in dual brand PPVs. But, WWE arranged it for a Raw-exclusive show that might have ruined the potential. Check out Edge’s comments, here:

“Imagine you put Brock Lesnar/Samoa Joe and Roman Reigns/John Cena on WrestleMania. Sold. Hold on! I’m great-balls-of-fired-up about it, man! You put it on Great Balls Of Fire, and you put it on No Mercy. Come on! Like, what?”

“You could’ve started those around Royal Rumble season, and nobody would’ve touched each other, and you have two fresh matches that haven’t happened that people want to see and want to talk about. That’s my take on that.”

“I don’t know why it’s happening at No Mercy. There [has] got to be something scheduling-wise as to why.”

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