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Eva Marie returned to WWE television in 2021, hoping to have a longer stint than her first one but it eventually lasted for only six months. The former Total Divas became a regular feature on Monday Night RAW after coming back in the post-Wrestlemania 37 season but not many fans were actually happy to see her. She was eventually let go from the company amid the random budget cuts.

From the get-go in her career, Eva Marie has the capability of garnering natural heel heat by just showing up on TV. She portrays a character who loves to run her mouth rather than backing it up with some in-ring actions inside the squared circle. This kind of character is indeed suitable to be a bonafide heel in the WWE.

WWE Smackdown: Eva Marie Hinted At Cryptic Return To Join Top Faction

Eva Marie Seemingly Hints At WWE Return In 2023 On Social Media 1

Eva Marie shared a video on Twitter

With 2023 possibly offering fresh starts to a number of pro-wrestling superstars, it’s Eva Marie who could be eyeing the latest comeback in the WWE. Heading into this week’s Smackdown, the pink-haired diva tweeted that she’s headed into 2023 with purpose. A video was shared where she was seen taking out a person at a bar with WWE-kind actions. The interesting thing is that she tagged multiple WWE-related accounts and hashtags.

Eva Marie was a perfect fit for WWE Divas roster

Those who have been following Eva Marie could be agreeing that she remains a controversial figure throughout her time in pro wrestling and beyond. This kind of character work was perhaps perfect for the WWE Divas era in the early 2000s which mainly showcased sex appeal over technical wrestling abilities.

Things have changed and WWE Officials may not be particularly looking for those aspects in talents, anymore. With the beginning of the WWE Women’s Evolution, the company wanted to have all-rounder female performers who could be treated primarily as wrestlers rather than just bikini model types.

Eva Marie Seemingly Hints At WWE Return In 2023 On Social Media 2

Eva spent multiple years in WWE

Eva Marie first joined WWE in 2013 after winning the 2013 Diva Search competition. Her first run mostly saw her competing on the NXT brand before her main roster entry in 2016 but she was ultimately released in early 2017. She re-signed in October 2020 to return to television in June 2021 but she was again released in November of that year.

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