WWE NXT Diva and a regular cast member of the Total Divas reality TV series, Eva Marie has recently made her comeback to the main roster to be a part of the team Total Divas and compete at Wrestlemania. She has no tasks in the main roster right now and headed back to the NXT Divas division to brush up her heel quality once again. The red-haired Diva has a seat-down with NewYou.comin to hype up the season finale of Total Divas season 5. The highlights from the interview are listed below: (courtesy SportsKeeda.com)

Favorite match so far
“I would have to say my title match against Bailey at NXT because for starters, I have never the main event anything before. Additionally, I competed against the champ going for the title. This season on Total Divas, viewers will be able to see the backstory.”

Possible ritual that she follows before going into the ring
“Once I step outside of that curtain it is the best feeling in the world and a constant reminder that I was made to do this. As a ritual, when I do get those nervous butterflies, to calm myself, I will always say a little prayer before I step out, give it to God and just go out there and do the best that I absolutely can.”


The one thing that makes her stand out from rest of the Divas
“I think that not only do I want to leave an impact on the WWE Universe as an entertainer but I also want to bridge the dynamics of the WWE and the mainstream world. For instance, I want to bring them [WWE] along to Paris fashion week, blockbuster movie, red carpet events, and makeup aisles within major department stores. That is why it is important for me to distinguish myself in more ways as an entertainer within the WWE.”


The All-red everything is surely going to get a huge push from NXT to the main roster as planned by WWE, in near future. Meanwhile, the former Divas champion Bayley was expected to make her debut in the main roster after losing the championship to Asuka. Bayley has established herself as the sweet girl-next-door innocent image on NXT.

According to cagesideseats.com, there is no planning going on with the debut of the fan favorite girl on the main roster. There is no way that the debut can be materialized soon which is disheartening to the WWE Universe.

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