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What To Expect From ‘Superstar’ Shake Up’? 

What To Expect From ‘Superstar’ Shake Up’?

This week on Monday Night Raw, the commissioner of WWE Vince McMahon announced a ‘superstar shake up’ next week on Monday Night Raw.

Now, what is this superstar shake up? They did not confirm about it on Raw. But they confirmed it on Smackdown. Some superstars will switch brands. This is what Mr McMahon meant by the superstar shake up.

So what switches are possible in this superstar to shake up drama? Let us start with the most obvious one; Roman Reigns – AJ Styles switch. Maybe this is the reason why they booked all this.

This rumour is floating all over the world of wrestling from last month. Vince McMahon wants to capitalise AJ Styles’ fame on Raw. And this is why he turned babyface on this week too.

So would it be a good choice to make this trade? We say; no. It will be a terrible decision. Raw already has a lot of wrestlers that can lead Raw as the face of the show. But Smackdown would only have Shinsuke Nakamura left. And Roman Reigns maybe pushed too high but he is not as good to be a face for a show. He never was the face of Raw, they tried to build him as it but he could never be the one.

AJ Styles coming to Raw might help the ratings grow for the show but Roman Reigns coming to Smackdown will not be any good for the blue brand. In fact, the ratings will go down for sure.

The biggest thing that Smackdown need is some better tag teams. Smackdown’s tag team division right now is so bad that they are not even booking any of the tag teams. Not even the tag team champions. Two tag teams joined Monday Night Raw by this week even after having a greater tag team division. And both are big names; the Hardy Boys and the Revival. So there should be a trade where Smackdown gets some better tag teams from Raw and Raw takes some of the jobbers.

Next, there is a serious change needed in both Women’s division too. Charlotte Flair needs to come to Smackdown and in her place, Becky Lynch should join Raw. Both women are so done with their divisions so they need the change more than anyone. Alexa Bliss can also replace Charlotte at Raw. She lost her title feud to Naomi so bad that she needs a change too.

Another change that would be delightful for both shows and superstars would be; trading Sami Zayn for Dolph Ziggler. Both are great athletes, but not getting the right treatment from their brands. Sami Zayn joining Smackdown will be great for him and the show too. Dolph Ziggler can also be an excellent fit for Raw mid card division as well. He is the heel mid-carder that Raw need right now.

But then there is a terrible side of this ‘superstar shake up’ thing. Trading wrestlers at this stage mean there will be no draft this year. The draft is one of the most exciting things of WWE. So no draft is seriously a huge disappointment.

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