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It was during this past week when the UFC champion went on to attack the WWE Superstars and the management with his comments on numerous occasions. He crossed his limits while addressing the WWE superstars as “p*ssies”. After his comments went viral he faced a major backlash from the present as well as past pro-wrestling superstars.



Kurt Angle, a former WWE Superstars and an 18-year-old veteran in the pro-wrestling business is particularly one of them who’s been vocal and went to criticize Conor McGregor’s comments. The former WWE champion gave an interview to Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso and went on to challenge the MMA fighter.

Kurt Angle said, “Conor is either the most loved or the most hated fighter in UFC, and that’s a credit to him. But to cross over into another career, into pro wrestling–something you don’t even know–and call WWE wrestlers “p——”? That’s offensive. Don’t talk about someone you don’t know.”

Commenting on what will happen if he’d ever step into the octagon with Conor, he added, I’d take him down, then ground and pound him until I knocked him out. Conor is a polished fighter, but with my size, I would overpower him. It wouldn’t be that difficult for me.”

He concluded by commenting on Conor’s disrespect towards the pro-wrestling world, “I’d like to challenge Conor. Take five bumps with me in the ring. Just five bumps. When I did that for the first time, I took three and said, ‘F— this, I’m quitting.’ I quit for a couple days and my manager talked me into going back. I know how Dana White and Conor continue to bash the business, but I challenge either of them to get in the ring with me and take five bumps. Once they do, they’ll realize how tough it is–and that’s not even a fraction of what it takes to be a pro wrestler.”

Conor McGregor is known as the Notorious One since he is the very best at selling himself. He is scheduled to appear in a fight just before the night of Summerslam. These comments are supposed to promote the same. On the other word, these direct attacks to the WWE superstars may be due to a future special appearance in a WWE ring.

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