Watch: Rey Mysterio was seen unmasked at a event

Former WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio seen unmasked at an event

If you think about the biggest little man in the history of WWE, only one name comes to mind and that is Rey Mysterio. He has been one of the most aspiring stars in WWE since his debut back in 2002 and accomplished a lot in WWE.

He is the only high flying superstar from Mexican Luchagor background to hold the WWE World Heavyweight Championships for multiple times. Adding to that, he went on to become Intercontinental Champion, Tag Team Champion and a Royal Rumble winner and that too spending the longest time in the history of the prestigious event.

Now, the last time he was seen in the WWE ring was in the year 2013. He had a horrible booking and left the company to be a part of the Lucha Underground wrestling promotion. Apart from wrestling, he is a very family loving person as seen in WWE on multiple occasions.

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Rey Mysterio is also an active social media guy and recently posted an unmasked picture of himself with his family. Standing by himself is his son six feet tall son Dominick, who once was seen in the WWE ring. The picture was taken from Dominick’s high school football game. At that time, Rey was feuding with the late great Eddie Guerrero and a controversial segment featured Rey Mysterio with his whole family.

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The master of the 619 has discussed the rivalry which took place in the year 2005 in his autobiography “Behind the Mask”. He told that it was Eddie’s idea to engage the family in the feud. Rey’s son was just eight year’s old back then. (quotes courtesy SportsKeeda)

“The angle was Eddie’s idea. I’m not sure where exactly it came from. There was a somewhat similar storyline back in ECW with Sandman and Raven, with Sandman’s son turning on him, though I never really asked if it had inspired Eddie.

“My wife and I talked with Dominik about the storyline and what he would have to do—if he wanted to do it. He was on the fence about doing it, I think until he spoke to Eddie himself.”

Rey added that Eddie had long talks with Dominic and finally made him convince “Eddie smartened him up about what it would involve. I think Eddie talked to him longer than I did. He wanted to make sure Dominik was cool with it. We had to clear everything with his school and make sure he could do his work when he was on the road.”


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