The controversial Diva is back in the news now with her hair color. From the get-going Eva Marie was given the gimmick of all-red everything for her looks and red hair color. She was mostly known for this hair color. But, her recent picture suggests otherwise where she herself posted a picture where she is seen with black hair. It looks like the Diva has decided to dye her hair back to its natural color, finally.

Eva Marie wrote along with the picture, “Change is good, because when you change you grow. Just figured I’d go black, should I keep it?!  I love my @glit_glam – Follow me on SnapChat: @AllRedEva”

It’s still not clear at this point whether this change was due to WWE’s instructions or not. Her ‘all-red-everything’ gimmick is also in jeopardy, as of now since the red hair is supposed to be missing when she returns to WWE television tapings.

Eva Marie, the most despised Diva in the WWE universe today, got suspended by the company just two days prior to the Summerslam PPV. She was supposed to be the main attraction from the WWE Smackdown Women’s locker room.

In a recent interview with TMZ, Eva herself broke the silence by mentioning the substance for which she was tested positive for. Adderall was the drug that led her to the company’s Wellness policy violation. This was the same kind of drugs for which the former WWE Champion Roman Reigns was also suspended a few months ago.

Eva also added that, it was a misunderstanding between her and WWE, since she had legit prescription for the drug. Speaking of the Diva led us to the former WWE Diva, Kelly Kelly who shared her latest glimpse from the Muscle and Fitness magazine. Check out the pictures and video clips here.

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