This week on RAW, the Deadman returned but not with the segment that a fan wants to remember, which shows the creative weakness of WWE.  He is scheduled to face Shane McMahon inside Hell in a Cell at Wrestlemania and the match is going to be an entertaining affair and especially considering the stipulation. But, will he continue after the roller coaster ride from Wrestlemania ends?

The answer is yes as WWE will continue using Undertaker’s star power to boost the post-Wrestlemania season. The Phenome has already been booked for the European tour after Wrestlemania. Also, the exciting news is this that recently retired Daniel Bryan would also be making a string of appearances to make the card even colorful and make the tour a star-studded success.

Below are the full details of Taker and Bryan making an appearance along with the place: (courtesy

  • April 19th SmackDown in London: The Undertaker and Daniel Bryan
  • April 20th in Newcastle: The Undertaker
  • April 20th in Belfast: Daniel Bryan
  • April 21st in Brussels: The Undertaker
  • April 21st in Dublin: Daniel Bryan
  • April 22nd in Paris: The Undertaker
  • April 22nd in Sheffield: Daniel Bryan
  • April 23rd in Malaga: The Undertaker
  • April 23rd in Glasgow: Daniel Bryan

Now, Undertaker appearing on Smackdown would be one rare occasion and give the show a boost that it needs desperately. His schedule in these live events are subject to change, but the appearances certainly indicate that he will be involved in some sort of storyline capacity and even in matches.

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