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How does the match card of WrestleMania looks like till now ?

Only a couple of matches have been official for the grandest stage of them all but there is indications towards a lot more matches to official soon. After looking at those probabilities, it seems like the 30th anniversary of WrestleMania is going to be one of the best ever WrestleManias in the history of thirty years. Each and every single match looks to be superb, and we are pretty confident that WrestleMania XXX would be an event that would be remembered for a long time. Just a couple of months ago, things looked awful here in WWE. I remember the match card of Hell in a Cell. Fans worldwide along with professional wrestling pundits expressed disappointment after seeing such a crappy match card. But I am really stunned to see how much improvement WWE made in such a small amount of time. Even one of the most famous superstars of WWE CM Punk is not available, everything still looks so perfect. So here is the match card as it looks like till now;

WWE World Heavyweight championship – Randy Orton vs. Batista – One of the matches that have been official already, a one on one match between two former friends for the most prestigious title of World Wrestling Entertainment. But honestly speaking, this match would be the most least anticipated match of the night. WWE is doing their level best to make things interesting, but I am afraid, they are not being able to do so. They turned Batista heel, just like the way fans want to see them, but still, it’s not perfect. Things can only look perfect if CM Punk returns and gets involved in this match to make it triple threat. However, there is a very fat possibility of that. Batista is feuding more with Daniel Bryan rather than Randy Orton, which should happen. WWE should have wait a little more to build up a rivalry between Batista and Daniel Bryan, Now, Randy Orton should start a strong feud with Batista, this is most important, because the match will take place between Batista and Randy Orton, not Batista and Daniel Bryan.

WWE Intercontinental championship – Big E vs. Antonio Cesaro vs. Jack Swagger – This match is not official yet, but things are heading towards a triple threat match for the WWE Intercontinental championship, just like I wrote. Indeed it would be a great match, and a very good addition to the match card of WrestleMania XXX as well. But a couple of things are needed to be done before the event. First of all, The Real Americans must split up, it is very important for this feud, because the feud that has already been started between Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger, has to be stronger. Second, Antonio Cesaro needs to turn face because Big Ewould not be enough to cheer for the fans as a face wrestler at WrestleMania. Everybody are looking towards Antonio Cesaro in this feud since he is the most famous among the three. We hope to get the best of this feud and the match.

WWE Divas championship – It has been a strong rumor since the past couple of weeks that the Divas championship will be defended among multiple divas. A multiple divas match would always been a Battle Royal, which I do not would be enough interesting because Divas occasionally fight in battle royals. So I seriously do not think it would impress the fans. But I think it would be a battle royal. The stipulations might be like the one done in WrestleMania 24 for the ECW championship. A twenty four man battle royal took place as a preshow match which was won be the big red machine Kane. Later on the night, Kane defeated the ECW champion Chavo Guerrero to crown the new champion. Such a thing might be done this year as well for the Divas championship. A number of divas first fight in a battle royal, then the winner face the Divas champion later on the night. I would say, WWE must come out from this battle royal thing. There should be something new, something that has never been done in the divas division. How about a ladder match? That has never been done between divas. Or what about the championship scramble match, it was a very interesting stipulation and has not been arranged in a long amount of time. Let us see what it actually goes.

WWE United States championship – Dean Ambrose vs. Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins – This match is not official either but it has a strong possibility. And this would be one of the most anticipated matches of the night if seriously done. The Shield has been a very good stable for last year. All three members are highly valued, fans want them to see in bigger roles. And The Shield will split up surely, we already heard a lot of rumors about this, and the rumors are coming true one by one. Dean Ambrose has been the United States champion for quite a long time. Nobody would mind him to get a little longer reign. But things are heading towards something different. Rumors and possibilities also say that Roman Reigns would become the new champion. However, Seth Rollins is a big name involved here too. Before building this match up, one of the Shield members has to turn face, possibilities say that Roman Reigns will turn face since fans cheer for him more among the three.

WWE Tag team championship – Unlike the divas championship match, the WWE Tag team championship match will also be performed among multiple tag teams. Rumors suggest that it would be fatal four way tag team match, it can be a fatal four way elimination match as well. The rumored tag teams who might perform in this match are; The Usos would definitely perform since they are the tag team champions, The New Age Outlaws would perform too as they recently lost the titles, Cody Rhodes and Goldust would also perform since they are among one of the most famous tag teams, and Luke Harper and Erick Rowan would be fourth team in this fatal four way match. Ryback and Curtis Axel might replace any of these rumors names. I would say, a ladder match would be more appreciated for the tag team titles. The last time ladders were involved in a tag team championship match at the grandest of them all was in WrestleMania 17. Let us see what stipulation they chose.

Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar – It was a shocking match to be listed. I do not think many would have predicted that Brock Lesnar will face The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXX, neither did I. Most of the fans thought Brock Lesnar would be fighting for the WWE World Heavyweight championship match at WrestleMania XXX. Rumors said that Brock Lesnar would attack the champion after the elimination chamber match at the pay per view event. Even the director of operations Kane confirmed some media source that Lesnar will be there at the Elimination Chamber. But such thing did not happen. Lesnar came out the very next week of the Elimination Chamber pay per view event. His manager Paul Heyman demanded the title shot until The Undertaker showed up and confronted Lesnar. Both signed the open contract for a match at WrestleMania XXX. Now there will definitely be a match between the two at the event. The two individuals did not face other in over ten years. And Undertaker never defeated Brock Lesnar in a one on one battle before. So it would be a tremendous addition in the match card.

Triple H vs. Daniel Bryan – This long awaited match looks to be finally taking place at the 30th anniversary of WrestleMania. Fans waited for over six months for this match, and it looks like the dream is finally coming true. However, the match is not official yet, Triple H is denying to fight this match but this is all kayfabe. Triple H will surely face Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania XXX. There are a several reasons why this match is best for business. Number one; these two individuals never faced each other one on one before, a one on one match between two superstars who never faced each other before are always very interesting. Number two, this match is a successor of a long and good storyline, such feuds are seen very rare nowadays. Number three, fans want to see this match badly. So from every angle, this match is best for business.

John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt – Another match that would be very interesting to watch, another match that never took place before, another match that is best for business. There are a lot of positive points for this match, first of all, John Cena needs to do some major non title feuds and this is the ideal feud for him right now. Second, Bray Wyatt has already answered his critics at the Royal Rumble pay per view event when he battled Daniel Bryan. Now, it is time to see him performing at the most prestigious stage. Performing in WrestleMania is no joke. This is the last stage that Bray Wyatt has to reach. He has a great future, and right now, he has got the right match to prove himself totally. On the other hand, we have no doubts with John Cena. Love him or hate him, one thing you have to admit that John Cena is a superb professional wrestler and he knows how to entertain fans.  John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt would be one of the most anticipated match of the night and this match would be best for business.

Sheamus vs. Christian – Christian’s heel turn is a great move. Christian was very entertaining in both of his face and heel gimmicks. But if you remember he turned heel for the first time since his WWE return. In spite of working as a mid carder in his previous days before joining TNA, he was very famous among the fans. Christian always attracted more as a heel, so I would say, this is the right move. The rivalry between Sheamus and Christian is built up really well. Now, it has to be executed well. You see, Sheamus and Christian already faced each other a number of times before, so just a regular one on one match would not be able to satisfy the fans. Besides, it is the grandest stage of them all, it has to be something special. A stipulation has to be added. A stipulation like ‘Last Man Standing’ match, or maybe ‘I Quit’ match, or a still cage match would be really appreciated. So this match will indeed be a great matter of interest for the fans.

Big Show vs. Kane – Our reports from United States suggest that the director of Operation will go one on one against the Big Show at WrestleMania XXX. The Big Show is rumored to return this week on Smackdown and he will get involved in a feud with Kane straight. Big Show already has bad bloods on the authority, so the creative team would not has to work a lot to build up this feud. These two athletes worked together a number of times before. They have worked as enemies as well as tag team partners. They have worked as a tag team at WrestleMania 22 where they defeated Carlito and Chris Masters to retain the tag team championships. But they never battled each other at WrestleMania. It would be a good match no doubt and I am pretty sure that fans would appreciate this match if gets listed.

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