Huge backstage news on Daniel Bryan’s retirement

Arindam Paul / 10 February 2016

Undoubtedly the most shocking news in 2016 was the retirement of Daniel Bryan that we witnessed on RAW.  It was one of the most emotional nights in the history of RAW and was not seen since 2011 when Edge retired in the same fashion with the retirement speech.

According to sources like Daniel Bryan’s retirement news was a closely guarded secret until he dropped the tweet of retirement earlier that night which left the pro wrestling world in total shock. Only a few in the WWE backstage officials were aware of the fact and the production house did a tremendous job of putting together the tribute videos for him and make Daniel Bryan trending over the internet even after 24 hours has been passed after his retirement.

Wrestling Observer said that Bryan obviously wanted to quit earlier as he is obsessed with his passion i.e. wrestling and was not cleared by the WWE doctors for almost one year even after getting clearance from his personal ones. But Vince McMahon opposed his idea to go back to the Indies and offered him non-wrestling positions in the franchise.

As told on RAW Bryan mentioned that he thought he was completely okay to return to the ring once again but tests showed that something was wrong in his head and that’s to the reference of his check up prior to the Royal Rumble event.

So, the happenings and the past events may show that it’s Vince McMahon who forced him to announce the retirement but it was completely Bryan’s decision to leave the ring once and for all. As of now, Bryan’s contract is frozen due to inactivity, but he still gets paid the guaranteed downside similar to the Rey Mysterio situation a few years back in 2014.

The future for Bryan still is unsure but considering that Vince wants to use him in the non-wrestling capacity, his backstage presence as well as in WWE promotional activities is highly expected.


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