A huge announcement was made this past week on Smackdown regarding the Intercontinental championship as Dean Ambrose wants to continue his fight with Kevin Owens and, this time, it will be the last man standing match, for the title at the Royal Rumble event. KO accepted it and now it’s official that we will see the match at the January 24th pay per view from Orlando, Florida.

Ambrose was blindsided this past week on Raw once again by KO after his match against Sheamus which further proceeded on Smackdown as the fallout. Now that the match is being added to the Royal Rumble event it is already a show stealer considering the physicality of their rivalry. It can be said that the match will see brutality at its best, especially in the match where anything goes.


Speaking of the match this brings us to KO being taken to the Suplex city last week on RAW. Lesnar fashioned out half of the roster on his own which also included the prizefighter and he is not the one to back down from things.

KO was present to promote a live event from Lafayette, Louisiana and opened up about the incident. He said that it wasn’t Lesnar’s business digging his nose where it just doesn’t belong. KO also spoke about his match against Roman Reigns that precede the events and stated that he is determined to win back the Intercontinental Championship from Dean Ambrose. He will eventually get his title opportunity at the Royal Rumble pay per view.

So the Lesnar-Owens show-stealer will not be possible at the upcoming pay per view but anything can happen during the injury crisis that WWE is having right now. A beef is brewing between the two and we may see a match at the February pay per view Fastlane.


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