Most of the WWE locker room has headed towards the United Kingdom for the annual post-WrestleMania tour of WWE whereas some handful superstars were present for this week’s Smackdown’s tapings from San Diego, California. One of the huge names present for Thursday’s hottest show was AJ Styles and could be another edition to the long injury list. With already a number of superstars being shelved over the past six months WWE will not want it, anyway.

The crowd’s hot favorite and the number one contender for the WWE World Heavyweight championship, AJ Styles had a backstage plotted segment with Alberto Del Rio and ended up competing in a match against the League of Nations member on Smackdown taping.

According to the fans in attendance, Del Rio botched a move and AJ landed on his head badly, possibly causing a neck injury.

Also from the reports of suggests that they had a correspondent was in attendance on the show and it seemed the landing was pretty bad from the side he was sitting. AJ eventually won the match via roll-up but he was seemingly injured while heading towards the locker room. Though, many of the fans suggest that AJ Styles was just selling his injury and there was nothing legitimate. The landing was not bad at all, according to many.

As the news of AJ Styles getting injured started viral, a fan took his twitter handle to ask the Phenomenal One about the severity of his injury. He asked him about his health and whether he will be medically cleared to compete for this week’s WWE live event in Dubai. AJ did have a positive reply, though.

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