The Human highlight reel Rob Van Dam was last seen in WWE at the Slammy awards 2014. A high flyer like him is rare in WWE and fans always get excited to get a taste of RVD in the ring. Recently speaking with Title Match wrestling, RVD opened up with issues like AJ Styles’ performance in WWE, the likelihood of appearing at WrestleMania 32, Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling and more.

While commenting on AJ Styles, he said that the newcomer in WWE would have to compromise some of his in-ring skills and being in WWE will make him a better wrestler.

The former ECW and WWE unified champion also added that WWE would push up Styles career to a whole new level and the exposure he gets on the franchise won’t leave him short of work even if he looks for opportunities elsewhere.

As of his appearance on or before Wrestlemania 32, Van Dam has said he is yet to be approached by WWE about the possibility of appearing at the mega event but he will show up at the Hall of Fame ceremony. The 45-year-old veteran is not short of work but will return to the WWE franchise when he will feel the time will be right.

Other returning rumors are speculating regarding WWE’s advertisement of a returning Superstar. Apparently, Vince McMahon met Batista to discuss a return before Wrestlemania 32 when he was present backstage at the Royal Rumble event. Though the meeting did not come to fruition, Creative is planning something different as per his choice.

Batista stated recently that he would return to the WWE but would want control over his character and its booking but it does not look likely that Batista would return to the WWE for more than one match in the future.

Randy Orton who is shelved for past couple of months due to a shoulder injury is also a viable option for an anytime return and to hype up the Wrestlemania season has no better way than bringing back the Viper.


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