In terms of ratings, WWE had a bad year in 2015. WWE tried a lot to overcome but due to injuries and thinness of roster, as well as the storylines, it was impossible to improve the TRPs. But starting with the return of Shane McMahon last Monday on RAW which is still trending on social networks, there are still a plenty of things that WWE can offer to its fans worldwide.

The dips in ratings give indications that it’s damage repairing time and the process should be done with the company’s rich past. Here are some of the steps the company should take in the near future before they go into a massacre.

Stable Wars

Back then in the attitude era, we have quarrels between two groups which are the examples of best rivalries in WWE history. Stables like The Corporation, D-Generation X, Evolution, APA, New World Order are the greatest examples of it. Nothing can leave the much bigger impact on the crowd than these stables. In recent times, Shield vs. Wyatts and Shield vs. Evolution is the closest example of it. Though it was short lived due to the thinness of roster, it drew huge praise from the fans. Nowadays, New Day, League of Nations, Wyatts, Social Outcasts are the stables present in WWE and proper use of these stables will definitely create a bigger impact on the crowd.

Old pay-per-views

Most of the pay-per-view’s in these days’ are named with the help of gimmick matches like TLC, Hell in a Cell, Extreme Rules, Money in the Bank, Royal Rumble. But, back in the past, we had more catchy and cool names like Armageddon, One Night Stand, BackLash, Bash, Unforgiven, No Mercy, etc. The problem with naming a pay-per-view based on a particular match restricts the match to be seen in other PPV’s. Like we can’t expect a “Money in the Bank” match in Wrestlemania anymore. Also, according to the storyline, the PPV can be used and the gimmick will not depend on the same format that the wrestlers will compete in.


Eye candy Divas matches

Since WWE has gone PG nowadays i.e. it is a family friendly show these days, we can’t expect violent things that happened in attitude era but that doesn’t mean WWE can’t offer us with some Divas eye candy matches. The purpose of those matches was purely giving the fans a treat with the divas who were not the very best in terms of wrestling. The top models like Torrie Wilson, Stacy Keibler, Maria, Mickie James and even Trish and Lita were used brilliantly by WWE with that purpose. The current Divas roster also contains some of those Divas who have less technical skills. So, investing them in the eye candy matches would do the exact same trick to the fans that had done back in the attitude era.


Raw Smackdown individual brands

The storylines and the competition were tremendous when RAW and Smackdown was split brands. It was solely Vince’s idea to create two different segments and give the fans a treat. Back in mid-2000 when Taker, Jericho, Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero, Edge etc. were the flag bearer of the blue brand, it even became far better than the RAW brand. This needs to be done immediately to bring back the old glory of Smackdown and make the show relevant once again. It will give the opportunity to showcase the mid-card superstars properly and let them have a push. This will make the roster wide open with several storylines. WWE will not have to rely on the same main event storyline, plus, proper title splits between the brands is far better than make them puddled in one show.

World Heavyweight championship

This was the championship which was relevant to test a superstar if he is good to hold the ultimate gold in WWE. The gold from WCW had a lot of legacy with a class of Hall of Famers holding it for a number of occasions. Back then, it was the significant title for Smackdown. Bringing it back would help talents like Sheamus, Barrett, Stardust, Ziggler, Miz who are already veteran in the ring and does not deserve to be sidelined without proper storylines. Also young talents like Owens, Neville, Sami Zayn, Curtis Axel, Adam Rose should get a proper push with the help of it. The NXT call-ups will get a tremendous benefit if the runner-up belt is brought back as well as it will cement Smackdown viewership on USA network.

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