In pictures: WWE missed huge opportunity to bring back former Diva and ‘Playboy Cover Girl’

Arindam Paul / 08 January 2016

As fallen ratings would not help to create enough hype for Wrestlemania, the rumor mills were running rampant with some possible returns that could change the face of the company in the year 2016.

Getting linked with the superstars senses drop of ratings, whether it will be interesting to see if the inclusions will make some boost or not.

One of the major rumors buzzing around was to bring back former Diva Maria Kennelis as the protagonist in the Divas division. She was a former fan favorite and the inclusion of the former ‘Playboy cover girl’ would certainly help to boost the ratings.

The Rumor looked so much evident after WWE signed some NJPW stars last week including AJ Styles. The inclusion was so much needed to give the Divas division a fresh direction as it lacks star power now with Nikki Bella having Injury, Paige off from TV and Natalya to be found nowhere.


The oomph factor of Maria was much needed in the Divas division but instead, Maria alongside her husband Mike Bennett debuted on TNA last week ruining all the possibilities and despair happened instead of “The Miracle”.

The former ‘Diva of the year’ 2009 was enjoying her run in Ring of Honor along with her boyfriend Mike Bennett previously. Before leaving WWE, she has dated and linked with superstars like CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler, Ric Flair, Santino Marella and even John Cena.

It is speculated that the cornerstones of the Divas’ division i.e. The Bella Twins had forced to terminate her contract in WWE. So, it would be quite an attraction for the show if they could use Maria against them. But given with the hype they got at the TNA debut and having WWE in her resume the couple are going to get a quick push and the chances of getting Maria back in WWE is demolished thereby.




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