The former WWE champion Jeff Hardy recently sat down with the Nature boy Ric Flair for an interview session in ‘’Ric Flair’s podcast Woooo! Nation’’, where the high-flying superstar opened up about his injury, his time in TNA and his wish to hang up the wrestling boots with WWE.

Jeff was on the news this time around to show up in a WWE arena since Wrestlemania season is coming around but that possibility has been wiped out due to his knee injury. While talking about his injury, he said, “I broke my leg April 28th on my dirt bike. At first, I thought I broke both legs because it felt so intense, but luckily it was just my right leg. Now the problem is after four to five months of dealing with that, my knee was swollen for so long.”

 He also added that he and the fans love the high flying style of his wrestling but once he gets healed up from this knee injury he will have to change his style and also it will take him six to nine months to get fit considering the same reason.

When he was asked about his status in TNA, he said that it is probably the last year in the franchise. He loves his job too much and would love to go through some more test and will continue to tape some more episodes for the franchise. After the contract is over he would sort out the options for some more surgery which may cause him most of the portions in 2016.

On the much-anticipated return in WWE, Jeff said, “I think there’s a huge possibility down the road. I’m not sure when, but I think Matt and myself would love to end our careers in the WWE, and it would be super great to be able to have a few more good ones with the Dudley Boyz.” But he also confirmed that nothing is concrete unless his knee goes back to its full strength.

He has accomplished quite great things here in WWE but still has left some personal wishes unfulfilled like a Hell in a Cell appearance or a top billing at Wrestlemania which he has not done yet. But all this things are possible only when he can make full and speedy recovery from this threatening knee injury.


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