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Fast 9 featuring John Cena had hit the theatres in some parts of the world and it’s been a huge hit among the fans. The controversy around the WWE Superstar in Taiwan did tank down the Chinese box office but American fans are more than excited to experience that incredible roller-coaster ride involving those fancy cars and action-packed drama.

The Rock is not a part of the Fast 9 saga, the first in a trilogy to end the whole franchise. That being said, there’s a chance that he might be back on the scene since he has been a significant part of this franchise. That could give John Cena and The Rock a chance to finally meet for a face-off on the big screen. This had happened in the pro-wrestling ring but people do want to see this on the silver screen, too.

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John Cena Wants Showdown With WWE Legend The Rock In Fast & Furious 1

John Cena recently talked to Geek Culture about the possibility of meeting Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in a future Fast & Furious film. He commented that it would be all about the opportunity. There is no guarantee that it’s going to happen, but it’ll be a welcoming experience for her and he’ll be ready.

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John Cena vs The Rock could happen in Fast & Furious

Check out John Cena’s full comments in this regard where he also mentioned that the ‘Fast audience’ should very much get involved in it.

“I don’t know if that’ll happen and that’s very much up to the Fast audience to decide. As the Fast saga grows and evolves, I’m excited for a possible moment like that but there’s no guarantee. I hope it happens and if the audiences around the world hope the same thing, who knows.”

John Cena Wants Showdown With WWE Legend The Rock In Fast & Furious 2

We’ll have to see in which direction the Fast saga moves forward from here. You have to consider in what way John Cena’s character will remain after the ninth installment. But one thing is for sure and that’s to anger the fans of China after which Fast 9’s box office in China fell 85% from its opening weekend number of $136 million.

John Cena will be playing the role of The Peacemaker, a member of the DC Comics Cinematic Universe. For those show don’t know, The Rock’s Black Adam is also in progress. So you never know when and where these two heroes will eventually be going to cross their paths. The two have delivered two spectacular matches at WWE WrestleMania with the score being 1-1.

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