Speculations are high with the Undertaker vs. Shane McMahon match up at Wrestlemania. When he arrived at the scene post-Fastlane on RAW, the WWE Universe was shocked and overwhelmed with joy when he demanded to take control of Monday Night RAW from his dad Vince McMahon. The Universe is buzzing throughout that he has some sort of vendetta against his father once again and this time despite what the result comes out at Wrestlemania, there will be some issues over the WWE brand.

The match as of skills and competence is not as excited as it is for the stipulation and we can expect high drama inside the Hell in a Cell. It promises to be an exciting and promising main event and fans can’t wait for it (WrestleMania 32 has already broken attendance records, according to the sources and ticket selling and AT&T being the biggest stadium so far in the Wrestlemania history).
Reports say that it was last minute filler for the Cena-Undertaker match which was abandoned and broke Vince’s heart when this one was blueprinted. The planning was let know to Shane himself just a couple of weeks prior to his blockbuster return in Detroit. Undertaker himself showed to deliver a chilling message to Shane which failed to build any momentum whatsoever. So, Vince put the stipulation further that not only Shane will not take over if he loses the match but he also loses his inheritance from the McMahons, as well.

The real reason for the match is still unknown as of now but veteran Kane has to offer something regarding this when he sat down with cagesideseats.com. Kane said, ”He has a challenge in front of him, and that’s what it is. I don’t know if there’s necessarily a nefarious back story or anything like that.” Looks like Undertaker, this time, agreeing exactly what his boss is telling him to do and that is to wrestle an out of shape Shane-O-Mac inside the Hell in a Cell.

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