The Intercontinental championship scene has turned hot indeed after this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw. With Owens demanding his rematch for the title that he never got and Cesaro being on the picture, made the scene quite incidental, to say the least. Now, Zayn has been added to the scene to the much delight of the fans.
The WWE Universe got a glimpse of Sami Zayn as Intercontinental Champion last week, but the problem was Zayn did not have any mentionable win under his belt so that he can claim a title shot. That too got resolved this past week as she pinned the Intercontinental champion The Miz himself to get the title shot and thus making the contest as a Fatal-4-Way one.
On the other hand, Owens was as always frustrated with the addition Sami into the match and hence had to beat the former Intercontinental champion Zack Ryder later the night. The stipulation prior to the match was that if Ryder managed to beat Owens then he will replace KO in the Intercontinental championship. Owens sealed the deal with a super-kick following with a Pop-up powerbomb in a short match up and thereby renewing his rivalry with Zayn that is ongoing for years now.

Owens vs. Zayn rivalry has great potential if executed properly. These two are former friends turned foe and hence already share bad blood between them. The rivalry will definitely play its part in the Fatal-4-way match at Extreme Rules where anything goes. Owens was annoyed by the fact that Zayn got involved in the match and predicted that he will win back his Intercontinental championship. He added that he will show rest of the three that he doesn’t need chairs or tables to get extreme.
Sami Zayn, on the other hand, was seemingly happy to get the title shot. He said that it was his dream to fight for the Intercontinental championship since he was 10 years old and now he will give it all as it’s a big occasion for him.

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