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Lacey Evans failed to make headlines as a professional wrestler during her time with the WWE despite having all the potential. While this has been unfortunate, at least her recent release led her to make some waves among the fans. As much as it seems unreal, WWE was never fully capable of utilizing this talent to her full potential. Despite having a suitable launch in 2019, things fell flat for her which eventually became worse to lead up to the exit.

Reports confirmed that Lacey Evans’ WWE contract expired on August 16. It wasn’t the case of WWE releasing her from the deal but rather she let it expire to get freed from the company to get involved in outside ventures.

Lacey Evans already involved in multiple projects

Her most notable post-WWE endeavor is the opening of the “Sunny Summers Cafe” in Beaufort, SC where she could serve the community. Besides, the former WWE Superstar has also established FanTime platform, where she allows fans to receive some exclusive content for which she’s famous for.

During a Highspots Virtual Signing, Lacey Evans recently responded to various questions from fans. After a fan expressed disappointment for not seeing her in WWE, she could only offer empathy.

Lacey Evans commented about her time in the WWE following release

Answering about what could be next for her, she hinted at her new adventures by teasing, “Honey, if you only knew,” and encouraged fans to connect to her via FanTime, hinting that she regularly gets engaged with her audience on the platform.

In response to her future endeavors, Lacey Evans stated, “Wherever the hell I want” which essentially was a sigh of relief for her after getting released by the WWE. However, she doesn’t want to hold any bad blood with the company.

Reflecting on her time in WWE, Lacey Evans noted the phase to be “awesome” and “so much fun.” Speaking about the former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, she revealed his dislike of sneezing. It was also mentioned by the blonde-head that Vince McMahon was a “cool boss.”

Many expect Lacey Evans’ journey after the WWE release to be quite exciting given how much her exclusive content is popular among the audience. She could eventually become a renowned social media influencer like Mandy Rose although there’s a long way to go.

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