Lana Says, “It’s Hot And Delicious” On Her Upcoming WWE Release Info
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Lana Says, “It’s Hot And Delicious” On Her Upcoming WWE Release Info

As reported earlier, Lana was one of the superstars whom WWE released a few days ago alongside some other top names. Over the past couple of months, WWE has been letting go of several employees from the corporate structure which also included WWE Superstars from the roster. The shocking spree of releases witnessed the likes of Braun Strowman, Samoa Joe, Aleister Black, and Mickie James.

Lana was no different as she was one of the most active performers on each episode of Monday Night Raw. She continued making the audience entertained throughout the pandemic and WWE’s ThunderDome era, only to get trimmed down from the company. While she has thanked her fanbase to always provide her with some support, she can’t wait to reveal the truth behind her release from the company. Apparently, it will be something very worthy to hear from her.

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Lana Says, “It’s Hot And Delicious” On Her Upcoming WWE Release Info 1

Speaking on a recent Instagram Live session, Lana addressed millions of her fans and claimed that she has been silent about WWE for years. But now that she is free from the promotion, she can finally speak out on things that happened during her tenure with the company. Those juicy contents could come up once the former WWE Superstar gets done with her 90-days no-compete clause with the WWE.

Lana to release more details on WWE release in due course

“I can’t wait to spill the tea, because it’s hot and delicious. I look forward to standing up and speaking out on things that for years I have been silent about. Also excited to talk about Miro and that he is AEW TNT Champion! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel. I will be releasing vlogs starting this Monday,” Lana continued.

It’s a little bit of freedom that I can be the face that I want to be. I can stand up for freedom, I can stand up for truth, I can speak up for things that people exploited and a lot of things.”

Lana Says, “It’s Hot And Delicious” On Her Upcoming WWE Release Info 2

As seen in the WWE, Lana was involved in a number of adultery storylines, over the years. She had to get intimate with a number of her male colleagues despite the fact that she was dating Miro aka Rusev and the duo later got married. This obviously includes the insane angle with Bobby Lashley where the couple made out on live television. So we guess, Lana will have to offer a lot when she finally opens up.

Back in November 2019, Lana signed a multi-million contract with the WWE for five more years, at a time when Rusev was almost gone from the company. But WWE cut her mid-way through that contract as she could possibly be looking for a new company to get signed with.