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Liv Morgan will put the WWE SmackDown Women’s Title on the line against Ronda Rousey for the second time in her career, this weekend. At the upcoming Extreme Rules Premium Live Event on Saturday, October 8th, the two are slated to pull all the stops in an Extreme Rules match where everything will be legal given it’s going to be a No-DQ environment.

The much-hyped bout has the fans buzzing as they keep on predicting the winner. Ronda Rousey is the obvious favorite given she’s “The Baddest Woman on the Planet” who’s familiar with these situations. On the other hand, Liv Morgan has uncertainties around herself since she’s yet to elevate herself into the elite league of superstars in the WWE.

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Top WWE Smackdown Superstar Escaped Injury Before Extreme Rules 2022 1

Many believe that she doesn’t belong to the same level as that Ronda Rousey which makes the champion desperate to prove her potential to them. In a desperate effort, she wanted to show a glimpse of what to expect from her at Extreme Rules, and in the process, she could have injured herself on Smackdown, a week ago.

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Liv Morgan performed a huge stunt on Smackdown, two weeks ago

In recent times, it’s been revealed that the title match at Extreme Rules PLE wouldn’t be taking place if it wasn’t for a narrow escape by Liv Morgan during her last televised match against Lacey Evans on the September 23 episode where the reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion performed a dangerous-looking dive on Evans through a table off the top ropes.

Top WWE Smackdown Superstar Escaped Injury Before Extreme Rules 2022 2

During an interview with, Liv Morgan admitted that she was close to picking up an injury while doing that move as she narrowly missed hitting the announcer’s table,

“‘Obviously, I wasn’t thinking! I wasn’t thinking and I don’t think that you even can think about things like that. There was a such a margin for error.”

‘I watched it back, and my foot was this close to the announce table and I was like, “Man, if I had just jumped a little bit harder I might have broken my ankle and wouldn’t have been able to compete at Extreme Rules.”

Liv Morgan never did such an aerial stunt in her entire WWE career and it may have been tough for her to perform the same with perfection. That moment meant a lot to her as admitted by her in that interview as she has come to the realization that she’s “a bit of a masochist.”

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