As per reported earlier, WWE erased the idea of having the match of The Undertaker vs. Braun Strowman in the main event of Wrestlemania due to the negative fan backlash towards the feud and the hesitation on Strowman because of the rookie he is. The WrestlingObserver Newsletter reports that the match is most likely not happening now but instead WWE is intriguing another plan with the Blacksheep after Wrestlemania 32.

The reports say that Strowman is booked to win the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal at the grandest stage of them all and to present it as a behemoth win for him which will further let him go against the WWE World heavyweight champion Roman Reigns aftermath the big night.


These reports again only confirm the news that Reigns is going to walk out of the Dallas show as the newly crowned WWE World heavyweight champion defeating Triple H at the mega event and then will go on to start a feud with Strowman. If that’s not all, Strowman, after wrapping up his feud with Reigns, would initiate a program with Brock Lesnar.

It too had reported earlier that Lesnar is going to face the biggest challenge of his career as Strowman and that match is being penciled for this year’s Summerslam. So, if everything goes as planned, Strowman could be the most pushed star in the time to come.

Now, with Vince Mcmahon having his personal agenda of pushing Strowman to the sky high reach, the rumored scenarios coming to the reality, is very high.


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