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Maria Kanellis. Image Credits: Twitter

Maria Kanellis and her husband Mike Bennett were released by the WWE in April 2020 as part of the COVID-19 budget cuts. Making the speculations true, the two eventually signed a deal with the ROH and started making appearances. The popular female superstar was grateful to WWE for providing her with an opportunity to work for the company as she went on to become an authority figure in the ROH Women’s division.

Now that the ROH season has gone on to a hiatus, Maria Kanellis and Mike is looking forward to working with Impact Wrestling. Additionally, the gorgeous female superstar also wants to make a splash on the internet with the latest set of photos released on her social media accounts.

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Ex WWE Raw Star Maria Kanellis Wants Everyone To Pay Attention To Her 1

Maria Kanellis is well aware of her gorgeousness and she loves flaunting her carves on every given chance. She did so once again by taking to her Instagram as she posted a sizzling photo. Her intention was clear as she wants everyone to remember her name,

“I’m DAMN Hard to Kill!! Time to make an IMPACT. Still THE FIRST LADY!! This is me. Mama Maria will make everyone remember her name. What’s NEXT? @impactwrestling”

Maria Kanellis dropped stunning pictures on Instagram

Ex WWE Raw Star Maria Kanellis Wants Everyone To Pay Attention To Her 2

In another B&W photo drop on Instagram, Maria Kanellis wanted to know if wrestling fans were paying attention to her. She assured of the intention by sharing a stunning lingerie photo which had the below caption, “Are you paying attention? Link in Bio.”

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Ex WWE Raw Star Maria Kanellis Wants Everyone To Pay Attention To Her 3

As the WWE universe already knows, Maria Kanellis is known as one of the hottest women in professional wrestling history. Back in the days, WWE used her hotness quotient during the company’s Ruthless Aggression Era. She first came into the business through the 2004 WWE Diva Search and then signed with the company despite finishing in fifth place.

Maria Kanellis has since been on the wrestling map who doesn’t shy away from showing off, at all. She always offers more to her fanbase via some exclusive content through her official website and her Patreon page.

Maria appeared during Impact Wrestling’s Hard To Kill pay-per-view alongside her husband Mike Bennet. Matt Taven, Vincent, and PCO also accompanied the duo to assault some of the Impact stars which reportedly started a co-branded storyline.

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