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Brie and Nikki Bella were confirmed as two of the many legendary appearances set for this year’s WWE women’s Royal Rumble match. Both the former Divas Champions haven’t been seen in action for the past few years. Given their huge fanbase, it would surely be a pleasant experience to see the two Hall of Famers back in the squared circle. Plus, WWE would also be able to get some mainstream attention via their appearances.

Nikki Bella was initially thought to be retired from in-ring competition due to a neck injury. Plus, she was also diagnosed with a brain cyst which admittedly disqualified her from participating in any matches. However, she is now medically cleared to compete. Hence on January 29th of this month, she and her twin sister will make their returns to a WWE ring.

WWE Royal Rumble 2022: Former Smackdown Women’s Champion Teases Return

Nikki Bella Has Business To Settle With Top WWE Stars Charlotte Flair And Becky Lynch 1

It was revealed by the elder Bella that she might make more comebacks to the WWE after getting medically cleared. That being said, we can definitely expect her to be in matches with today’s top superstars in singles contests. Nikki Bella herself mentioned the same as she claimed to have unfinished business with both the Raw and Smackdown Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair.

Nikki Bella focusing on major goals in WWE

“I would kind of like to be the first-ever winner of the Royal Rumble, to kind of give the middle finger to both champions and go ‘I want the tag titles.’ Like, how badass would that be? Would I not just be the coolest person to go down in history. I feel like I would have a little Stone Cold Steve Austin to me-esque,” Nikki Bella proclaimed in an episode of The Bellas Podcast. (quotes courtesy Wrestling INC)

Nikki Bella Has Business To Settle With Top WWE Stars Charlotte Flair And Becky Lynch 2

Back in 2015, these two superstars debuted on the main roster and brought the Women’s Evolution at the expense of Nikki Bella’s title reign. It was Flair who defeated her at Night of Champions of that year and thereby took charge of the WWE Women’s division. Coming back from a career-ending injury, it might be time for the 2-time Divas Champion.

With Nikki Bella cleared for action, there is a way to future matches for the WWE. Given how The Bellas are WWE-Lifers, the company might definitely have some plans for them which will unfold in due course.

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