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As reported recently, Dancing With the Stars pro-Artem Chigvintsev admitted his love at first sight scene with Nikki Bella. Artem recently revealed that he fell in love with his partner the first time they met. He even went ahead to call an executive producer of the show to reveal the same but couldn’t make it public as she was still with John Cena.

Appearing on the Bellas Podcast, Artem Chigvintsev went on to detail his first meeting with Nikki Bella. He talked about how it felt like meeting a huge star in the former WWE Divas Champion. Obviously, he felt awkward at that point. Even while talking about the incident, he felt like sweating during the podcast hosted by The Bella Twins.

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Nikki Bella’s Fiancée Artem Reveals His Nervous First Meeting With The WWE Star 1

“Actually, I said, ‘I think I’m like, in love.’ I don’t really understand what it meant for me at the time. Just when you meet a certain person that you kind of don’t really understand how you feel yet, you have a lot of feelings. You don’t know how to cope with it or what to do with it,” Artem reflected on meeting Nikki Bella. “And you just try to manage it as well as you can in the best way you can. Again, look, I’m not perfect. Obviously. But, I think that was the time it kind of hit me. Even speaking about it right now I am sweating.”

Nikki Bella revealed her own experience with Artem

Nikki Bella then herself talked about that first meeting which actually never made it to the show. That moment was filmed at Rikishi’s training facility but WWE wanted things to have better lighting as that would have been aired on Total Bellas. So they instead brought the pair on Raw for a very special segment.

“It’s on the internet somewhere, actually. They never even aired it because WWE was like, ‘we need something that looks way more elevated.’ Because, we were in a training facility, we were in The Uso’s dad’s place because it’s outside of L.A. and they do tiny shows. You know, a school,” Nikki Bella added. “They literally built this mini stage but there were no lights. When WWE it saw they were like, ‘no, they need to come to Monday Night Raw and we will do it there.’”

Nikki Bella’s Fiancée Artem Reveals His Nervous First Meeting With The WWE Star 2

It was apparently Artem’s first in-ring appearance on any wrestling show and he didn’t feel comfortable, at all. The night ended on a bad note for him as he got slammed by his DWTS partner in the middle of the ring.

Within months of this outing, Nikki Bella ended up calling her relationship off with John Cena. After months of remaining silent about their relationship, the elder Bella then confirmed her romance with Chigvintsev during an episode of Total Bellas in March 2019. Now the duo is parents to a baby boy named Matteo.

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