WWE Raw Results 23/09/13

The show opened with all the ten superstars standing near the entrance stage who helped Daniel Bryan last week on Raw. The Shield were standing outside of the ring as usual. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon made their way towards the ring.

The Miz turns heel!

The former WWE champion The Miz turned heel in the live event at Belfast. This has been a long awaited thing. We do not say that The Miz is bad as a face, but he is superb in heel gimmick. He was

Mickie James coming back to WWE?

Former WWE Women’s champion and Divas champion Mickie James talked to WWE.com including her post WWE life and more. She also talked about her possible return to WWE. To know what she said about her return and other stuff, read the following;

Top 20 debuts of all time Part 1

Here in this list, you will get a list of twenty best professional wrestling debuts of all time. The list was provided by WWE.com. Here is the list in brief; #20 Big Show The World’s Largest Athlete is a unique case when

WWE Raw results 20/1/14

The show stars with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are standing inside the ring. Stephanie McMahon welcomes everyone to Monday Night Raw. Triple H says that this Sunday will be the beginning of Road to WrestleMania. He cuts a small promo on

Mick Foley’s son blasts over Triple H and WWE

The Hardcore Legend Mick Foley’s sonDewey Foley blasts over the current storylines, creative and most importantly, Triple H. His reaction on twitter yesterday has been a great matter of talking point throughout the world wrestling fans. So what did he say exactly? Here

WWE Raw Results 24/2/14

The show starts as ‘The Immortal’ Hulk Hogan enters the arena. As he entered the ring, the crowd breaks into ‘Hogan’ chants. Hogan says that tonight is the official turn of his career because he is finally home. He cuts a promo on