Big news about Royal Rumble!

There are big plans for the Shield member Roman Reigns in Royal Rumble 2014. The former tag team champion had been a dominant force in the past pay per view event Survivor Series where he single handedly eliminated four out of five

Top 20 debuts of all time Part 2

#9 The Undertaker In the weeks leading up to Survivor Series 1990, “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase put together a team consisting of The Honky Tonk Man, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine and a mystery partner to battle “The Dream Team” of

Maryse returning to WWE?

Former WWE Divas champion recently gave an interview to Is she finally coming back to WWE again? Here are some highlights; MARYSE: I live with The Miz in LA and we’ve been planning our wedding for a year. I want it

WWE Raw Results 27/1/14

The show starts as Triple H and Stephanie McMahon is seen standing inside the ring. Stephanie McMahon welcomes everyone to Monday Night Raw. She says that last night they experienced the most satisfying Royal Rumble in the history. The audience booed thoroughly. Triple H

WWE Raw Results 24/2/14

The show starts as ‘The Immortal’ Hulk Hogan enters the arena. As he entered the ring, the crowd breaks into ‘Hogan’ chants. Hogan says that tonight is the official turn of his career because he is finally home. He cuts a promo on

WWE Smackdown Results 7/3/14

The show starts as Christian is seen inside the ring. Last week’s footage from Monday Night Raw where Christian is defeated by Sheamus is shown, after the match, Sheamus got attacked by Christian in the backstage. Match 1 – Christian defeats Dolph Ziggler. It

Top 10 Masked Wrestlers in WWE: Part 1

Professional wrestlers under mask were always very interesting to see. Wrestling fans really love masked wrestlers. Professional wrestlers are covering their faces under masks since 1873 a French professional wrestler debuted as ‘The Masked Wrestler’ in Paris. Some sources also claim that

Top 10 face wrestlers of Pre Attitude Era Part 2

7. Dusty Rhodes : Still a very famous name in professional wrestling. He started his professional wrestling career in the early 70’s. He did not have a long career in WWF while his regular days (1989-1991) but whatever he did in that small