WWE Battleground Preview and Predictions

The last pay per view event WWE Night of Champions was not really a critical success. All the matches were easily predictable, and overall, the event was not certainly the best one of the year. Battleground, the newest PPV event of WWE

10 scariest superstars in professional wrestling part 1

Gimmick is one of the most important parts in professional wrestling. From hundreds of years fans saw uncountable gimmicks of professional wrestlers, some funny, some daddy, some big men, some sporty..… and, some scary. In this article, we will take a look

AJ Styles coming to WWE?

Former five times NWA/TNA World Heavyweight champion has not been spoken yet about signing a new contract under Total Nonstop Action. But it is believed that he will work till December with TNA because of the storyline he is involved in. According

WWE superstars picked their dream survivor series

Ryan Murphy and Dustin Wallace WWE.com talked to 7 WWE superstars ehre they discussed about their dream team for survivor series including themselves. Here is the list in brief; 1 – Fandango captains “The Dreamboats” It may come as a shock, but

Worst champions ever

WWE.com recently announced the worst champions of professional wrestling history. Here is the list in brief; David Arquette and Vince Russo: WCW World Heavyweight Champion In April 2000, “Scream” star David Arquette began appearing on WCW programming in conjunction with the film

Kane’s most dangerous deeds Part 1

Recently tremendous series of facts was delivered over the Big Red Machine Kane regarding the top deeds of the devil’s favorite Demon. Here are they as followed; 1997: A Demonic Debut at Badd Blood Throughout 1997, Paul Bearer, who had been spurned by

Batista taunts his haters

Dave Batista is very frustrated with the reaction from the crowd he is having. It is pretty much cleared that he was not ready for this type of reaction after his return. He thought that WWE fans would greet him just like the way

Top 10 kicks in WWE history

WWE.com announced the top 10 kicks in the history of World Wrestling Entertainment. Here is the list in details; #10 Kofi Kingston – Trouble in Paradise Known primarily as a fast-paced high-flyer, Kofi Kingston balances his staggering aerial attack with an impressive assortment