Worst 5 survivor series teams

WWE.com recently released 5 of the lamest survivor series teams in the 26 years history of Survivor Series. Here is the list in details; #5 The British Bulldog & The Mean Street Posse (Survivor Series 1999) When The British Bulldog returned to

Kane’s most dangerous deeds Part 2

2004: Kane Marries Lita Though the loss of his mask forced him to reveal his unfriendly visage to the world, Kane still found love, or something close to it. The Big Red Monster courted the lovely Lita in a unique way, kidnapping the

Top 10 chants in WWE history

WWE recently announced the top 10 crowd chants in the World Wrestling Entertainment. The list is available on WWE.com as well as here. Can you guess which crowd chants made it up to the list? You can check them all here too