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Possible feuds for Daniel Bryan after Payback

Daniel Bryan’s current feud with Kane is quite impressive, however, most of the fans and critic did not think it could be a good feud earlier. But the two individuals put up a wealthy rivalry and it is becoming more and more interesting.

We give credit to Kane for the success of this feud, especially, after Kane’s match against Daniel Bryan at the Extreme Rules pay per view event. Daniel Bryan and Kane fought for almost half an hour and we all know what Daniel Bryan is capable of doing. But we did not see Kane wrestling in such a long match in quite a long time. Plus, he was not in touch either. Since he took the gimmick of Corporate Kane, he did not wrestle much. So Kane’s performance at Extreme Rules is seriously praise worthy.

But one thing we all know is, Kane is not going to beat Daniel Bryan at Payback for the championship. WWE would not allow Kane to have a WWE World Heavyweight championship reign at this stage of his career.

In this article, we are going to predict Daniel Bryan’s next feuds. As we know, after Payback, there are two more pay per views left before SummerSlam. First, there is Money in the Bank and then there is Battleground.

Quite obviously, Kane would not be feuding Bryan for that much time. A new superstar will be added to the card. We think Batista will go on to feud Daniel Bryan after payback. We all know that Batista will be given a title opportunity and possibly, a title run too. Batista is the favorite to feud with Daniel Bryan for the WWE World Heavyweight championship after Payback.

But Daniel Bryan – Batista feud might not continue till SummerSlam. According to the rumors Brock Lesnar will join the frame. The main event of the SummerSlam might be scheduled as Daniel Bryan vs. Brock Lesnar. Some of the rumors suggest that Brock Lesnar will beat Daniel Bryan for the WWE World Heavyweight championship. But we do not think it would be a very wise idea. A part timer becoming a champion is something that fans seriously do not like.

John Cena might go on to face Daniel Bryan after that. There is a possibility of John Cena’s heel turn this year. But as things are going right now, it looks like Cena would take a little more time before his heel turn. The feud between John Cena and Bray Wyatt might not impress the fans much but it would not be coming to an end very soon.

So these are the names we predict as Daniel Bryan’s opponents after Payback. We do not think Bryan’s title reign would continue after that. Whatever happens in reality, we hope to get the best out of it.