R-Truth is considered to be one of the funniest WWE superstars of all time who has always been used as a mid-card talent. Except for one main event push in the year 2011, he is considered to be an underrated superstar for the better part of his career. But, over the years, he always found a role on TV for him.

So, the fans were quite upset about not getting to see his funny antics on a weekly basis since this year’s summer. He was part of a short-lived feud against his former tag team partner, Goldust that came to an early ending. On August 14th, Elias had a squash match against R-Truth after which he was taken off WWE TV, suddenly.

It led to numerous speculations on his career notably some superstars getting trimmed from the roster in recent times. Those rumours were put to rest, recently as the favourite crowd star gave updates on his status. He stated that he is missing shows due a shoulder injury. It was unknown to the fans, till date since WWE has not provided any official updates regarding this.

In a video posted on his Twitter account, he greeted the WWE Universe for their support and explained the ongoing issues. To fix the issues on his shoulder, he has undergone surgery, early this month. Apparently, he has a loopy shoulder blade sticking into his shoulder at an awkward angle that goes almost two inches deep.

But, the former multi-time champion confirmed he is undergoing rehab sessions, and the road to recovery should be smooth,

“I’m a little loopy right now, still. Because of the anaesthesia and medicine and stuff. Not in too much pain (though).”

R-truth also urged the fans to visit his Youtube channel. He also alluded that when he comes back, he will be ready to challenge for any of the titles present in the WWE. With that being said, he brought up the reigning WWE Champion, AJ Styles.

Before both of them becoming famous on TV, they had several matches. So, he would like to face the phenomenal one in future.

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