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En route to WWE Day 1, a loaded edition of Smackdown was presented from Los Angeles, California sans Roman Reigns. The Staples Center audience got to see an epic show with multiple Raw superstars in attendance. This was also the final time WWE ran a show from the famous LA venue before it gets renamed the Arena.

It was strange that the top-most superstar, Roman Reigns wasn’t present on the show, but he was certainly a part of the storyline. Paul Heyman was there to plug in his Tribal Chief all the time while also teasing a future alliance with Brock Lesnar. Fans were a bit worried about not seeing the champion, in person, though.

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Reason Roman Reigns Missed WWE Smackdown In Hollywood 1

For those, Ringside News has an update as they assure the fans that there’s nothing to worry about Roman Reigns. It appears that WWE Officials were very well aware of his absence on this show and some of the live events around this time. He’s apparently on a scheduled vacation and will be back next week,

“Roman Reigns wasn’t on SmackDown this week, but not to worry. There is nothing wrong with the Tribal Chief. We were told that Reigns’ break from SmackDown was known about for around 2 months and it was a planned vacation. You may continue to acknowledge him when he returns.”

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Roman Reigns will be back, next week

At this point, Roman Reigns has officially been advertised to appear on next Friday’s episode of SmackDown from Chicago, Illinois. WWE will air a live episode of SmackDown before taping the Christmas Eve edition as well. That being said, the December 18 episode is going to be the final live edition of the Friday night show on FOX for 2021.

Reason Roman Reigns Missed WWE Smackdown In Hollywood 2

Roman Reigns is slated to defend his WWE Universal Title against Brock Lesnar at Day 1 PPV event. This is the reason why Paul Heyman stated in a storyline on the show that The Big Dog was on the Island of Samoa for a training session, focusing on the upcoming match against the beast incarnate.

In Roman Reigns’ absence, Lesnar was heavily featured in the first hour of the show and featured in multiple segments, backstage. He also appeared in the opening segment with Sami Zayn to lay him down with an F5.

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