Reason Why Roman Reigns Should Win WWE Elimination Chamber 2018

Arindam Paul / 24 February 2018

This year's Elimination Chamber is said to be one of the historic events in the WWE. The women superstars will compete inside the demonic steel structure.

This year’s Elimination Chamber is said to be one of the historic events in the WWE. The women superstars will compete inside the demonic steel structure fighting for the championship for the very first time. The men’s division matchup is different, too since seven-man instead of six will compete inside it.

So, WWE had put all the ingredients to make it a blockbuster night. But, some of the hardcore WWE fans might not be interested in it since this is that time of the year when things turn out to be most formulaic. Vince McMahon takes over the creative team and put the franchise player in the spotlight not caring whether the fans like it or not.

This is being said because the winner of the Elimination Chamber match is predictable for most the fans. None but Roman Reigns is McMahon’s favorite to walk out as the number one contender by winning the contest and then go on to face Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania.

The fans do not like it but the officials do since they need the most trusted shoulder for the main event scene at the biggest event of the year. For the past several years, The Big Dog has done it, effortlessly and will not have a problem to do it, again. Can you name one consistent main-eventer other than him on WWE Raw, right now?

The answer would be a big NO. Be it a weekly televised episode or a PPV or a house show, this man works hard each night to earn the respect which in turn sells out the shows, on a constant basis. So, how can’t be the favorite to the officials? This automatically makes him the contender to hold the biggest prize of the Raw brand at Wrestlemania.

The negative reactions should not be a big problem for the officials since this is actually a good thing which helps to keep the ratings go upwards. The franchise player of the company has sold out the biggest Wrestlemania of all time, two years ago which heard the loudest boos in the history of sports entertainment.

But, he was able to sell out an arena of more than 1 million people which is incredible. Also, WWE has built Brock Lesnar as the unstoppable force in the company where no proper matchups are available against him other than Reigns. You can’t pick one single name other than him that stand up to his status.

So, this re-match from Wrestlemania 31 is quite evident, this year. The Big Dog is coming to claim his yard by winning the Universal Championship for the first time. The road begins at the Elimination Chamber PPV. Start to BELIEVE THAT!